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Monday, 28 May 2012

Miserable Enuf!!

Kinda struggle to blog about this "accident". Every gal' is blog about pretty stuff and wonderful matter happening in their life, should i really gonna show off my "scary, ugly, disgusting, horror..." photo at here?? Seriously, struggling for long time in "should i" this question for whole day...but finally i did, it indeed need a huge courage to do it~so, if u r a guy/gal who cannot accept uncomfortable scene, please leave this post immediately, dun play play okay!!!!!

So, let me start my story now!!
The story was began at 17/5/2012, around 10am, location was at Taman Botani Putrajaya, a huge relax park for everyone to do exercise and also variety of activities (sometimes we even called it as pusat koko). We planned to cycle in this park as it provides rented bicycle for visitors, i miss cycling as there was so many years i didn't cycling, so is time for me to do this activity... 

So~we were on the way to find the actual location for us to rent the bicycle...a giant part i can describe it as we almost use 1 hour to find the rent office,where izi...where izi.......

Finally, we successfully find the ticket counter~

Seriously, i think the rented price for a bicycle was kinda reasonable and can consider as cheap, 1 single bicycle cost for RM2 only, so 3 for RM6.

Not my bicycle actually, the photo i grabbed from somewhere else.Damn, now i having bicycle phobia when just looking at u guys think i have to make appointment with psychologist???haha, i juz kidding ..xoxox..i am not so weak as u guys imagine, i am brave!!!!Wuhaha

So start cycles, within we start our cycle journey for only 10 minutes, the tragedy was lousy driving not a very tilted slope, but i still failed to manage my bicycle. Fall down by "superman" pose, tat's y my face was injured too~Damn shock on that critical moment, because of no mirror, i really scare i will, the first reaction of me was use my phone's front camera to check my face's wound, ho~luckily it juz hurt on my face's surface skin....thx god!!!

My friend was get frightened of my scary look at that time, so the next destination of course was polyclinic

And i ended up like this~ face~the most important part for a gal. Although it look serious but i have to remind everyone, it juz hurt my surface skin. >< But my face was swelling, this is somecall "pig head"!!

Others wound were spread all over my whole body, trouble enuf to bath!!!!

This part is the most serious and causing me cannot sleep well till today

This pix looks severe???this was the pix after fall down 2 or 3 days, i apply chinese medicine recommended by my mum, call as "yun nam yao fen", tat's y my wound seem black~unbelievable i dare to put this photo in my blog~awesome me!!

All my "beloved" medicine accompany throughout these 2 weeks, i hate to eat medicine//

Now, the wound on my face was healed.....yeaah!!!!!but i think my skin was fragile so i need to carefully take k of it~ i love my face.....i will take care of u seriously~ And my skin was pink colour now, so i think it need 1 month more to become the colour as other skin part. >< hope it recover soon..
hoohoo~finally done this post~lastly, shud thx to 62, Mamaboy, Aurora, Cindra, Sister Mamaboy ..and whoever who took care of me during this miserable period in my last semester in University life. So warm..without u all, without me, it not kidding, i sincerely thanks to u all!!!! And lastly, a warm reminder and lesson to all my readers, dun try to challenge somethings that you cannot handle at all in future, you will regret~xoxo~

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Friday, 25 May 2012


Horror?? I disappear from my blog from quite a time:((
YES!!!!! Unfortunately, i met a damn "small scary" accident laz week~ not gonna to blog the complete post about the "fall down" story today, becoz my hand was injured too so in the itchy stage(recovery) right now, through a hardship for past week~luckily it finally passed~ Juz a photo to prove i was HURT~xoxo

First hand photo after i went to see doctor, did i look pity and scary?? BTW, i am going to continue complete this post once i have mood to blog (more scary photo is coming soon)~ so stay tuned!!!!

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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market

Juz update becoz i wanna update~ the hottest place i recently went was definitely was Sunway Pyramid, It can't be denied that, there are quite a lot of restaurant and cafe. So today~i went there again:)) We just purposely went there for having a lunch~ Guessing?? what we having today???Haiyo~my title already stated lol...xoxo~

Our destination was "The Manhattan Fish Market". Seriously i never try this shop before as i think their prices was kinda expensive as we often aim on saving money. But, now~The Manhatta Fish Market is having a great promotion for all student. You just need to show your student ID card before you proceed to order. RM9.90 for one set course main dish and a soup of the day, you may enjoy a 50% discount for order any beverages from the menu, its heard like kinda attractive and reasonable right?? So, i suggest to go for a try coz how can we lost this opportunity to try it, it doesn't make sense izi ,urgh~
I went there with my another 2 ex-coursemate(i transfered course after 1st year), AiChinn and Peiying,i think i gonna collect all my U's friend's photo before i graduate so i can do a album for memorable purpose,do u guys think it is a good idea?? But i think it is a bit challenge~
Of course with 62, she alwiz busy on updating her current status in facebook~i wish i have a ipad too and i dreamt i won a ipad in my sweet dream yesterday~wtf///it just a dream~damn, how i hope it was a fact~
Soup of the day was kinda delicious
After tried it, i rate their food 5/10, it can be described as "ma ma dei" only~nothing special about their grilled Dory and Fish n' Chip. I am really was quite disappointed as my friend was quite recommend for this shop. However, i may try this shop again for their others dishes~ 
I was get attracted by this scene in the shop~ 
So, next time, i sure wanna try this!!!!!!!who wanna join me????I love prawn oso so i think may try this dish when i back JB~actually i already craving for try it since long long time ago, but the mission often failed~
That's all for my post today~ anyway, we are currently planning a tour schedule for our 3 days 2 night Langkawi trip in coming June, so do anybody has good recommendation places to introduce or places that "must" visit when go Langkawi Island, you are the most welcome to leave any comment and suggestion in my post :D I am looking forward~

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Monday, 7 May 2012

My Roommates List during these 4 years

When i in the room~

I am going to graduate after 1 month++, so is time to tidy up my room-mates list at here. To be informed, i been lived in my University hostel along these 4 years study life. The main reason is CHEAP!!! You guys can imagine our hostel room rental is only RM476 for one semester (about 16 weeks in one semester), this RM476 is included water, wifi service(sometimes our wifi line worst like shit!!!) and electric fees~crazy right???So, how can i give up the opportunity to continue live in hostel due to the reason to save money??haha~ save money to spend for yummy food and "leng" clothes~ Well, i live with altogether 6 different gals in these 4 years, let me have a final introduction to you guys for my fellow room-mates during these 4 years, i choose the photo from their album based on my preference~haha, juz think they look nice in these photo~

Let's chased back to the 4 years
When i still a Junior First Year student....i stay with an Accounting third year Senior~ Shi Yeelolz>< i still was a blur blur gal tat time, she brought me went Mid Valley, gave me a Body Glove present when i was touch~ a nice senior tat gave me a lot of help during the time -----> i am blur, anyway, really gonna thx ur care during my first semester in UPM, Btw, she juz accompany for one semester as she went for an internship in my second semester.....

My second semester roommates~
It is so coincidence!!!! After my first roomates went for internship so it meant i gonna change a new roommates...surprising the hostel management arranged my study partner as my new roommates..lolz~ not going to introduce this gal so much..u guys shud familiar v her-----> Cindra , Wai Ying ,one of my sista gang during these 4 years. Due to my memory,  she will went for looking her bb boy every weekend as her bf was study in MMU tat time..this gal alwiz leave me alone in hostel room...wuahhaa~kidding..wuwuw

A year passed, i not a junior anymore..and i became a senior.....i was third semester tat time
Not much communication v this junior roommates during the time i lived with her, Jess,Wan Yen..Well, the main cause shud be due to she is a Bachelor music student, normally she will disappear for whole day to stay in the music house in her own faculty to practice her piano skills/techniques...However, a nice gal plus cute gal. Anyway, i lived with this sweet gal one year..

So, a year passed again....i am third year student now....the hostel law is everyone was requested to change a new roommates after one, who is the gal this time????

A familiar face again, 62 Wong, Lok Yee, i should address her as our sista gang's leader, she good in playing and explores new places to us..thx to u, u bring fun to my life... and the fun i live v her is ""discussion about a horse..hahahahah" you guys should blur now what i mentioned at here...ha, juz let it be if u not understand......well ...i live with her for only one semester,that is 5th semester in my third year.

So, i changed another roommates again~ blur~
This time i live with my same course junior, Wai Yeng......a gal who loves to drink starbucks coffee so much, hardworking, well organized, we always chat and discuss our course problems inside room..anyway...i still waiting her to treat me a cup of starbucks coffee as she is currently works as a starbucks worker in IOI mall><i want coffee~ i want coffee~ live with this gal one semester too only.

So, it finally reached my final year..such like been passing so many hardship~ and FINALLY!!!!!
Currently, i am living with this sweety in the international college, UPM.. we seldom chat and each of us is busy on doing our own things...but she is definitely a considerable kind gal~hahah~ when i am writing this post, she was sit in front of me and enjoys watching her drama....OH..another thing, she is my coursemate too...anyway, i am gonna live v this sweety 1 month ++, enjoying my laz 1month ++ hostel life. Her name Angie Lee, Cai Yun~

Weird for what????it is kinda shock my all ex-roommates included my current roommate 's second name's first alphabet was all end with alphabet "Y"~
Shi Yee
Wai Ying
Wan Yen
Lok Yee
Wai Yeng
Cai Yun

What i can make conclusion for all these coincidence????????????OMG>>>>this call FATE!!!!!!!
Anyway, i am sincerely to wish all my ex+current roommates have a bright future( of course included me^^)

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