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Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Vivimakeover - Makeup Assistant

As promised in my last post, i will do a post about my scene working condition to you guys. Well, seriously i not really dare to shoot these customers' photos without getting permission from my lady boss. Yup, privacy is one of the issues at here as we not really knew that izi the client will be felt comfortable due to my shooting. So, i ask!!!!! and my lady boss answer is "Of course can if client is okay wat~" i replied her: "then i shoot lol".......happy gal with happy replied=))

This is my lady boss and also the awesome makeup artist==> Valerie Lim
Please visit her official website for more information and enquiries can?==> gonna stress at here that all models appeared in her webpage were all makeup by her..WOW...her skills really supreme right??yes...totally agreed about it..teehee:)

So, today our destination is Orchard Hotel, Singapore located at Orchard Road there.
We reached in time and Valerie was busying on contact her clients..while i am busying on shooting lol..
Our makeup equipment
A professional makeup artist must suit a professional makeup brief case..AGREED!!
Inside this bag are all hair-styling curler, spray, comb, flat hair machine..and some others ..rubber bands, pin and hair jam those side items...
Basically, clients will book a hotel for us to proceed the makeup here we were..inside the suite in Orchard Hotel. lets have a look on the makeup products and tools inside the makeup i wish i can own all the makeup products..haha
And all different types of brushes compatible with different types of makeup products.
Vivimakeover's service aims to provide the utmost service to customer, so we did our best to serve clients based on the requirements of clients!!
So, according to our precious clients's requirements, they would like to have a "cavewoman and caveman" makeup looks cuz they are going to attend the company dinner with special theme and they are going to perform "Oppa Gangnam Style" on the dinner..heard like so fun lol, i wanna join lal..

So, Valerie started her job immediately..
Frederick, another helper on that day, a makeup artist also..
So, after Valerie done all clients' cavewoman/caveman makeup looks, she started on doing the hair-styling step....
Hair-styling on the processsssssssssss.....................
Dada~~~~here the "yield" after the hair-styling by Valerie...SO CUTE, right????
then is the turn of the caveman, haha...those clients were designed their makeup looks on a paper by themselves so Valerie "drew" those false scar on the face of these caveman,,,
This is another group of clients from same company..heard them say they were coming from HR department..Well, their costume is different with the cavewoman/caveman group..

Valerie was apply "smooky" eyes makeup styles on client's eyes..
What i did in the moment when Valerie was busying too...selfcam??No main job is apply base onto clients' pretty/handsome face. Other than that, i apply lipstick and brushes also^^of course i assist in fulfil all requirements of my lady boss..maybe like clean the table, passed her anything she needs...those assistant's jobscope.

We priotize the cleanliness, so the mask is a must to a makeup artist and her assistant.
Yes..all done...face makeup and hair set up..seems like clients were satisfied of their final looks..
Lastly, a group photo from all the lovely customers
Yuppie, my lady boss really appreciated all the feedback from clients, either in positive or even negative.  We will try our hard in improving the services in order to provide the best services to customers..

So, anyone who interested in making a reservation for makeup services, please visit or contact Valerie via Call/sms/whatsapp : +65 84881795 or Email : 

Done, this is one of the special occasion that Vivimakeover did, so fun indeed!!!

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