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Wednesday, 21 March 2012

4th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2012

Hot Air Balloon Festival 2012 started from 15th to 18th March at Putrajaya, Precinct 2, Alaf Baru!!
Are u guys have fun at there too???
This was my first time visited this fiesta, i miss it for first three years, so i wont miss it again coz this year is my laz semester in KL~so it meant it was my laz chance too~

///////So excited !!!!! we reached the avenue at the first day at 7.45am

Wow~wow~wow...We reached here at the "ngam ngam" time as the opening ceremony of the first day was about started~Woohoo~so excited..but..actualli i sitted hot air ballon before at Singapore (controlled by machine..haha, i still remembet it cost 23dollar, but free for Malaysian)
Have a pic before these cute Hot air balloon  fly away~
Everybody was busy on capturing Hot Air Balloon, include me..or else you wont see this picture below
I love the cake shape Hot Air Ballon So much~Celebrating 4 years~as i oredi study in UPM for 4 years..time like flies..and i become older and older..shud i say i become mature and mature??
Ugly take 1
Ugly take 2
Ugly take 3
 The Hot Air Ballon Fiesta Opening Ceremony was started~
 All Air Hot Ballon was fly away on the sky~ i quite wondering where they gone as they never come back after they fly away onto sky..did anybody noe the answer??
OMG~my birthday cake was gone...where u gone??i couldnt c u~

Actually i not here for visiting Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2012~
there is another important mission i came here...can u guys guess it??? i think probably not~
Juz let me told u guys the answer :D
I came here for worked as PROMOTER at Libresse for coming four days at this Hot Air Balloon event~
Sometimes i gonna earn money to spend too, so i work here :)) My job specification was gave the free pad samples to all female as Libresse was currently launching new product so they are giving free sample for public to try~ Did u guys saw me ???
I worked here from 15 till 18 , 9am to 9pm~

The only guy in our stall..he not give sample but juz do the"simple" job  as office boy~
2 types of samples from Libresse..super valuable as inside it had 6 pads and that yellow box one had 12 pads~
Is my lunch time~quite many stalls at there but all Malay food and fast food like KFC, pizza hut, Ayamas..
Ugly take 4~
I look like ghost in this picture, i not so white actually but i think my white face in this picture was caused by the natural light effect~I found i have extremely red lip in this photo too..i swear that i not did any ps in this photo~ the answer was at the next picture!!!
YES~ my extremely red lip was caused by this super spicy Nasi Kukus!!!! THX to it,i became sausage lip!!i cannot finish it all as it really spicy like hell~ waste
This was the picture i took on the fourth day~
We finally have chance to take photo as we busy work from day 1 to day 3...\
hehe~purposely come early, say cheese..i was sit on Hot Air Ballon, did i look cute??
This photo was a must to prove i ever here!!!!!!
We shop around the Hot Air Ballon Fiesta~
the weather was too hot!!!!!! we need umbrella!!
We are old but we are childish oso~
Ugly take 5
My skin was seriously sun burn after worked for 4 face was redness and swelling
Did i look languish in this photo~i am super messy, dirty and stink~haha
But i think it is valuable that at least i can earn over few hundred in few days for my future spend@@
MY laz dinner at this Hot Air Ballon Fiesta 2012, finally all was going to end~
Damn lot of people...hard to find seat ..hard to buy food...hard..hard..hard
Hot Balloon Show again when we having our laz dinner, i heard that the pilot drive it was came from Singapore~awesome
FINALLY~Done my working life and reached my sweet sweet hostel
See~ some free gift i get from other stall...
Burn me out t-shirt!!!!!

And~i juz found that i forgot to charge my phone for 4 days as i was damn tired every day after work~
WOWWOW WOW~ apple iphone 4s battery can keep so long time??
Four days without charge with 4 hours usage but still left 34%
Quite amazing~Apple!!!u did a good job!!!
Are u guys visited this fiesta too? and did u get any free pad sample from me??
Anyway, i have a fun working experience with a bunch of leng mui mui(all them are juz 18 till 20), nice to noe them actually!!!
Do stay tuned for my next post~

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Monday, 12 March 2012


Hang out quite a few days laz week..and recently i love to combine my whole week happening in one post~
so//i juz split out my 4 days hang out days by, guys..have a look at wat i did during these 4 days,k??

Twin sisters cafe again, nth special about this cafe as there provides aircon and wifi so~ convenient plus comfortable, so~ we choose this place for having our lunch after claz

Wish all woman have a nice 38 woman day, so do i.
Where we chill out on this day? Sunway Pyramid again with 62, Kit Zai and Yanling

i long heard about Sushi Zanmai since i come UPM study, but this is my first time try it

 Price is quite acceptable

This one -RM6.80
This one(sorry, i cant remember this food's actual name) = RM8.80, cheap huh???
This one -RM8.80
After lunch, redbox sing k...Kit Zai help us took a photo b4 leave (Yanling left early as she have to fetch her bf from knock off from work~)
Yahoo...38 woman day....38//38//38

I muz be confidence although i am single eyelids,i alwaiz tell myself~
Outfit of the day~
Today destination= Sungai Wang + Times Square

I not bought anythings from these 2 shopping, mayb due to the reason that CHinese New  year oredi passed tru, so i dun have any motivation to buy any new clothes..good then..can save money to try and explore new foods. I more willing to spend my money to eat than shops :D

Still remember i went for a trip to Malacca laz week and try the Thousand layer cake(crepe mille) at Nadeje??
We found Sungai Wang 3 floor was opened a new HOkaiddo Layer cake as well, so in order to make a comparison, we try it~

The price of this cake shop was more cheaper than Nadeje( cake at there one piece at least for RM 9 and the most expensive over RM10)

Black Forest Crepe Mille -RM 8.50

Original Crepe Mille- RM 8.30

How the taste of these crepe mille?
For me, i think their taste are almost the same with cakes selling at Nadeje and they are more cheaper, so i think next time we can juz eat crepe mille at here rather than went to Nadeje..u guys muz have a try if u r a crepe mille fan!!!
Location: Sungai Wang, 3 flloor...same floor wth T-bowl
we went for a self-service steamboat at Puchong on this day too, but i kinda lazy to shoot any photo for this steamboat shop as i think their service and food were quite terrible, so soli, i not willing to do any promotion for their shop~

Wooray~ finalli i have a chance to explore new shopping mall
Empire Shopping Mall at Subang - a kinda high-class shopping mall, quite a lot of branded shops located inside this shopping mall.

Din bought anythings oso but juz!!!
Felt tired after hang out for four days non-stop

Bye-bye,hope u guys continue check out my blog!!

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