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Monday, 30 April 2012

Travel Working Day// 27,28 & 29

Hello guys~ juz done my 3 days travel working days and updated in the first time. I was worked as Libresse free Sampling Promoter again for 27, 28 and 29 April. I was kinda blur when woke up at the first day~Well, Libresse was provided their company t-shirt for all promoter, included me. :DD~ so i weared it:D

Seriously, i hate my bun face

This time our job specification was a little bit different from last time. We need to travel to 9 different places around Selangor area as showed below in 3 days in order to distribute free pad samples to public. This was quite a good travel experience to me as i never been to these places before..Because of this job opportunity, i can travel to these places by free :D yuppie~ Places we travelled included Banting, Klang, Rawang, Selayang, Sungai Buloh, Semenyih, Kajang and Sungai Long~ Although travel was quite tired but i really enjoy so much~

We were travelled around by sitting this car~ Toyota Hilux, a car provided by Libresse company, i not sure about it but probably was belonging by the agent company, it was quite comfortable..teehee :D

We had travelled to Klang in the first day~ a must to Klang~ tried their famous food- Bak Kut Teh, we knew Klang was famous for it so we purposely requested to our supervisor that we wanna try it. This was my first time tried Klang Bak KUT Teh...a bit craving for it's taste~

Soup Bak Kut Teh

Dry Bak Kut Teh ( Salty)

Tauhu Pok

This was my expression after tried Klang Bak Kut Teh..Well~ i think JB bak kut teh was better than Klang bak kut teh..this thought pop out in my mind immediately(no offence :D) ..I think there are others Bak Kut Teh stall was better than this stall, maybe i have a chance to try new Klang Bak Kut Teh stall next time and i will make a comparison again.

I reached Rawang~ never been here before// It was quite a kinda peace, beautiful town~Rawang><

My supervisor was moved out our pad samples from lorry and so on we were started our working time~

We were having our dinner at The Store, Sungai Buloh~ a super untasty dinner, we were get cheated by these food's appearance~undelicious at all and we felt so disgusting after ate these food...i was a bit frustrated thought back these food:((

Woohoo~ xoxo~i reached Kajang, i knew here was famous of sad, i cant found out where the satay footprint at here so i lost the chance to try it...sad absolutely ><

I no face to see you guys, i was messy~ i was ugly, i was stink, i was~ blek----blek----blek. Seriously i was super dirty after travelled around whole day to give free pad samples, so i no face to see you guys, forgive me that i have to hide my face.

Finished our 3 days travel working days at 6.30pm 29 April 2012...
So, we having our "laz" dinner together before back to hostel in this restoran wan sheng located at Sungai Long. We were so hungry~ ><

Gonna introduced this superwoman, she is my supervisor..a kind auntie, she was the driver for all 3 days travel working days,well, she good in driving, shud give her a clap~ "piao piao piao"

My colleague, Waiyeng 

Another colleague, Jenny (she is currently a Citibank credit card officer so she was busy on entertain her customer when we having dinner) 

It was going to sunset~ beautiful view (should clap for my own shooting skill :))

Lastly, i reached my sweet sweet hostel room, i have face to see you guys again~Hello, i am clean, fragrance and sweet gal now~ xoxo~~

Sometimes, my look was different where i changed the shooting angle~
Finally finish blogged~ I am damn tired right i need to sleep right now too..wait, shud apply a sleeping mask on my bun face, u guys noe~ i am getting older and older now~ so skincare is very important to me :D
Bye bye + Good Nite, may u guys have a sweet dream too~

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Saturday, 21 April 2012

I am touched♥

I blogged once i woke up at this lovely Saturday, have a sweet+comfortable sleep whole nite, so i am hyper energetic now, so in order not to waste the energy, i am blogging.....i look dumb by wearing my spec~

What a lovely Saturday♥♥♥♥I am so touched~ touched~touched~ Still remembered the content of my laz post, if u oni looked at the photo, mostly u wont noticed or juz simply missed wat i wrote..well...a small review~
The last part content......" a small complaint on myself"

OMG~ i received some comments of my blog readers~ so warm!!!!!!!!!at least now i noe my blog was really really get been read< touching now again~xoxo~
Again, thx for u all support!!!so i will continue writing..stay support ya@@

Gonna introduces a kinda not bad German bar & restaurant in this post~my saliva is getting out now once i thought about this bar & restaurant~ craving for it now i start my review

Brotzeit, German Bier Bar & Restaurant
Lot G(E)-018, Ground External Floor
Mid Valley Megamall
59200 Kuala Lumpur

German language vs English?? Can you get it??
 Actually this restaurant 's food is at high average prices for all food and beverages~ we cant afford to order the food inside the menu as i still not work, spend the pocket money without thinking is too worst~

But~they are now having lunch promotion for all customer, to me, i think it is super set lunch plus one lemon tea or dessert for oni RM10 -RM20. now...we can enjoying~

  Lemon tea included in the set lunch

A self-service sugar water mug, u may add on into lemon tea according ur favorable.

 chit-chat~ ><
Our main course
Soli, guys and gals, i forgot the name for all dishes we order
This one probably was Chicken Burger set -RM12.50 (cheap right?)

OMG>>wat is this, i only remember price - RM15.50

Pork steak?? RM14.50

We still unsatisfied, so we went to have a dessert time at SnowFlake Mid Valley too~
Now, SnowFlake was having combo promotion, u may get a discount for ordering their combo A and combo B set, and u can get a Pearl Milk Tea juz simply add on RM3, wat are u still waiting for???

Beeping UFO~ cute~

We ordered combo set A without add on Pearl milk tea..kinda not bad..taste was quite looks like Zen Q, black ball..i found that this kind of dessert was extremely popular nowadays..y huh??the stall was so crowded, so difficult to find a space to sit oso.

Gonna end my blog~ bubble eyes..i hate u again, i think i look like kitten in this photo..miao~miao~miao~
Do leave me a comment oso if you guys and gals have any good place such like fun place, restaurant, cafe or bar to introduce~i am looking forward~

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Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Johor Premium Outlets

A kinda not "looks like me" photo~ yes~is weekend again, so it is a family day to me~ u guys c~where were us heading to in this family day.
We visited the brand new Johor Premium Outlets. You guys might heard of it, it's the latest big thing shopping mall in Malaysia. The complex boasts a variety of mid-high end branded outlets store and thay all discounted

You need to pay carpark fees if u park inside the mall, but if you wanna save money, you may park outside the the car for photo below

Johor Premium Outlets is located nearby the Lebuhraya Hubungan Kedua Malaysia Singapora (highway) and it near Foon Yew high school actually.It's pretty easy to find from the highway, there are smallish signs at the relevant exits, but it's not like there are millions of roads around there anyway. There are two levels housing about 80 stores, a few of which are still to open. It is mostly clothing retail, with a few food and beverage stores, as well as a food court. There is ground level parking all around the complex, and you don't have to pay to park. 

True to their word, their are a number of high-end brands available, most notably including DKNY, Burberry, Coach, Tommy Hilfiger , Polo Ralph Lauren, Armani, Salvatore Ferregamo, Zegna, Calvin Klein, Guess. Burberry was one of the best and largest, on a double story lot, with most stuff discounted around 30%, some 50%. Most of the high end stores had a lot more clothing and less accessories/leather goods.

There was also plenty of mid-range stuff and clothes, including Tumi luggage, Samsonite, Cotton On, Roxy & Quicksilver, Vincci, The Body Shop, and sports outlets including Nike and Puma. (remember to bring ur cash, debit card or credit card if u visit here^^!!!!)

Bro and lil twin sis

The environment for food court is kinda comfortable but all food and beverages's prices was kinda expensive too~
The only photo proved i am here~i think i am getting thinner and thinner, did u guys realized it too?

Obviously, i lose the power to blog recently, i dunno y :(( i juz simply lose the passion~
Did u guys still wanna read my blog?? if yes..leave me a comment ,plz~~~~~~
Johor Premium Outlet Mall
10am - 10pm 7 days
Jalan Premium Outlets
Indahpura 81000 Kulaijaya
Johor Darul Takzim

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