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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Last Week

A new post updated before i proceed to my last subject final exam revision. Seriously, i wrote "gonna update my blog soon" in my facebook personal blog page yesterday but suddenly i found what i should write actually as be frank, there was nth special happening i in dilemma and keep thinking..and thinking, thx god, sort out somethings to write~

Happened before 3 weeks ago>< still ugly look~ Its my last week in my last semester, gonna inform you guys  local university normally has 14 weeks in one semester, so last week = 14th week~kinda sad while kinda happy, i have complicated mood in my last week. Well, mamaboy was fetched us to paparich have a chitchat session and after that we changed destination and headed to Murni, SS 2 to continue our supper..OMG~reached that at 3am>< and we all were starving!!!!

From Menu, we knew Murni has altogether 5 braches surrounding KL,Selangor area

A lot of special roti choices

Hang out with these sista~ Kenix

Cindra seems like has small big eyes in this photo:D

Aurora, they were still enegetic~lolz,i felt so sleepy at that time.

Our ordeing was coming, Ribena special was my favourable~ i couldn't remember all the food name as 3 weeks passed somemore so sleepy at that time too"((

 Mamaboy too~tq for ur transport//haha

We reached hostel at morning 5.30am after ate at Murni~OMG, have lecture at 9am, so after slept for around 2++hours, i went to attend my laz lecture in my university life(haiz~my university evolution was going to end)..i love study actually
So after we attended our laz lecture at morning 9am, we went to have a celebration at Puchong, Neway. Actually there was nth for celebrate, i knew the real challenges is coming after graduated and i should have enough brave to confront it soon~i hope i can do it!!
 We were kinda crazy in the KTV room, pattern many many also...

This is Ah Beng~Ah Beng say:" You dare to shoot me??i shoot back you too~" Cindra was laughing at that moment\..hahaha:))))

 Ugly+ugly..a last kiss in my last lecture day
 Set ordered by me..nth tasty at all><

BYE bye~gonna do my revision now

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