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Monday, 31 December 2012

Menu Please Bistro ♥SDJ Kaki♥

Happy New Year
Time like flies~today is the last day of year 2012!! I am rushing of doing this "final post" for year of 2012. We were actually had the gathering for our form 6 group"SDJ Kaki" at Menu Please Bistro after the 2 days of Christmas, so this gathering can consider as the "Merry Christmas belated" celebration" ==", i know it was kinda lame..haha~Merry Christmas belated!! Back to topic, i was planned on having the Korea-is style on that day, everyone is crazy-ing about k-pop recently, so do i, but i think mission failed lol~ Cuz while i was on the way curled my hair that day then suddenly my phone was ring, yes, one of the SDJ kaki member - ex-monitor, Mr Dino was asked me izi wanna came and fetched me and he say he will reach my home at another 5 minutes..Oh GOD..of course my answer is "OKAY", tq Mr Dino!! so i ended up with half curled messy hairstyle plus naked face, lolz...i don't have time to makeup and continue curl my hair..So conclusion is my style was changing from Korea-is style to Messy Sapo(Mad gal) style ==""LOLZ~

So again, Phikphik, Guan Min and Kaiying absent on that day..well..nvm..

Fatty-bom bom face
 So, here i am - Menu Please Bistro that located at 25, Jalan Maju, Taman Maju Jaya, 80400 Johor Bahru, Johor. We were chosen this bistro as our gathering venue cuz this bistro was opened by our SDJ ex-schoolmate, so it is the must we should support!!

Here some food items in the menu, i think that their food price is kinda pricey..but i think it is valuable if the food is delicious><
 So here our ex-schoolmate backscene, the lady boss of Menu Please Bistro.
Passion fruit Tea if not wronged
Breaded Chicken Chop 
 Please let me declare at here, this cutie is not our SDJ members ya..haha, he is the boy that took care by one of the SDJ kaki member's mummy..he was so paiseh lol
 This is Dino + Pasta, admin of the SDJ Kaki group
 Catherine + Pasta
 Lynn + Pasta
 Oriental Duck Handmade pizza
 Ish..this pizza was soo soo crispy..kinda recommended item!!Thumbs up
 Me, Elsa, Madelynn + pizza
 I think the most important "must do" matter of every gathering is pictures time.
 Oriental Duck Pizza was so delicious, yum yum~
 Not going to do any caption at here, just let the pictures do the talking=))
Actually there were tons of pictures taken on that day but i just choosing some of the best pictures i think to paste at here..
 The photo i liked the most...gals with sweetest smile
Gosh... i am truthfully thought that Madelynn and Dino are so match to each other based on this photo..but sad to said that, Madelynn status is "not available"..
Kick them aside, me and Catherine were on their behind syok ourselves, please focus on us@@ look at the next photo to see out finalize photo of syok sendiri.
 So, here is the yield of the last photo..
 I am a bit cacat in the below photo..Catherine alwaz have the sweet smile on face
 Lastly...Happy New Year!!!!!C u guys at next gathering!!!perhaps i am able to done my makeup and hair styling next time..haha..CHEERS!!!SDJKAKI!!
How about the New Year Celebration of you guys???
Lolz...i think i will just celebrate with my family lol as i am going to start my official new job tomorrow, so nervous and excited!!!Wish me good luck lol=))

Let's count down together for the 1.1.2013

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