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Thursday, 10 January 2013

My Snake Year

Happy Snake Year!!!
My first post on year 2013^^Today is 10/01/2013 already..Gosh..i think after you passed 20th...everyday likes by day..older and older..and finally i reach the first phrase of my life.."Getting older is so scary" lol!!

Not going to talk about "age" this sensitive topic lame=="
Well, my mummy went to Bangkok shopping 3 days and back on Malaysia yesterday..She brought a lot of cheaper outfit for me,tq!!Mummy!! So, today is my working off day so i just try them at home. Here is one of the whole set..all from Bangkok. From Jacket to Shoes, all together 4 items that only cost RM53..really cheap gao gao right???Haha..
The main purpose of this post is to post out my recent news in year 2013.
I changed a job!!I think cannot considered as laz time tat job only can group as part time..but this time is my official job after i graduated.
eMO~from a makeup assistant to a trainee..BIG changes!!!another sentence..from a freelance/fun/happy job to a decent job,yes..i gonna adapt more play play huh~*fml* muz be very decent and be serious!!
I did posted my trainee staff card on instagram and page before but i  think i not saying what company i worked here is the answer- Popular Bookstore..a very decent book company..that's is=="
Hopefully everything is going to be fine lah~gonna waiting to pass the probation somemore~><
Second, a very good news to me!!
I did the application to change my PTPTN loan to Scholarship at last year 15/10/2012.
A letter i received at 09/01/ 2013 from PTPTN....i am kinda nervous when opening this letter, in case i scared the letter's content maybe is telling me that i am lacking of some documentation so this letter was sent to me in order to request me to pass needed document again..i dun wanna go KL alone again lol..

Luckily, NOT !!!My guessing was wronged...
Here the content of the letter!!OH YES!!!My application was passed!!!!Hooray..i am successful to change my PTPTN loan to Scholarship so means i don't need to pay back the money.
This was indeed an awesome present for my Snake year.
Happy-ing....Happy gal i am=)
i am super welcome those who has question about the application process can simply leave me your questions in my comment box..i will reply asap..
okay..that all for my January 2013,how about urs??Haiz...gonna back to work 2moro again=="
So miss my holiday without career~

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