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Monday, 12 December 2011

Rice Packet Evolution

 AKA~aka~Happy Holiday@>@~ 
izi my holiday happy??OH well, i stayed alone inside hostel 4 days since firiday until today~lollz..not alone actualli, my lovely roommate~Angie stayed with me these few days as she not go back her home sweet home too~ Some ppl will start pity me again!!ALONE??4 Days???CHAM???The fact is i can go back home but the reason is i choose not to back home as i m super lazy to take bus come and back, it is so troublesome, actually i super enjoy alone life as my home was too crowded, u noe plus me, there are all together 5 siblings i have~but i miss my home~my mummy, my dad, my siblings~oredi 6 weeks din back home..and i have to wait another 2 weeks~ wat the FxxK

Back to my topic~ as i started my 4 days holiday so it equal that i started my Rice Packet Evolution too
What i had during these 4 days passed???Below is the answer

First is Nyonya Chicken Rice from OUG Nite Market

Meat ball and Fried sotong from OUG nite Market too

Second is Petai Fried Rice from Hostel Food Court

Third is Chicken Burger Special

It looks quite disgusting, but quite tasting also

Fourth is vegetarian Rice from Food court too~i love the curry zap from this stall

Fifth is vegetarian rice too~ potato also not bad

Sixth is Yang Zhou Fried Rice, i remember i ordered Tomyam Fried rice but wondering he gave me wrong item at laz~anyway this fried rice oso nt bad, this is my first trial

Seventh is India Fried Chicken Rice 

Free Pulpy Mix Fruit Juice sample get it from Nite market

Gardenier chocolate bread as my breakfast

My sweety roommate treat~ Beryl's Tiramisu Alomond White Chocolate

This is my favorite too~ Marigold Full Cream Milk + Nestle Koko Crunch, super nutrition combination

Lastly is Golden Fuji Grape Layer Biscuit as my snack during doing my assignment

Calcium Lactate Tablet as my important supplement

To be or not to be// That is the question
i think i m super scary in this photo~wuahaha i love big big eyes

It is always hard to start my first step, but i do it!!! I love blogging
I really appreciate all the view/footprint and support from all my blog readers since these 4 months ago~
U all motivate me to continue write and blog~  
I am so touching when received comment from my readers that praise my post~ I ♥ u all so much
2 comment that inspire me......Touching comment
These comments make my life meaningful


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Stay tuned@@@

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