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Tuesday, 27 December 2011

Singapore Bugis Again

Chinese New Year is around the corner~so it means it is the time to hunt my new clothes~
Singapore Bugis is always one of the choices for JBrian to buy new clothes~so lets go guys!!!New clothes i m coming!!!

Having our lunch first at Hawker centre at Bugis there~ Nasi Lemak is our choice~ $2.00 & $2.20 for each of it~

KOI Cafe~ yes~ we tend to buy KOI Milk tea but~.....

A lot of ppl oredi queue up at there~so// we give up~bye bye~KOI cafe

Change to another choice- Share Tea Stall

Hello@@everybody// I am hunting for my new clothes for CNY, how about u??Are u get ready too??

Wat is this??I love taimei, taimei love me~

it is actually is a snack stall~well, ?? beancurd is one of the popular item of this stall, give it a try if u meets this stall~
Byebye~ as a clothes hunter, i have to report to everyone, i am success to get for myself 2 clothes ,haha~ continue support my blog if u interested about my new clothes// Do stay tuned ^^ :DDDDDD

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