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Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Free Gift♥

I finally back home for waiting to celebrate Chinese New Year with my family
Suprisingly that i found out many free gift i apply were reached my home
What are they??
Don't panic~following my post, u can see these stuff
I need face DIET!!!!!!

Still remember i won myself a pair of silky Lis last 2 months ago??
if u r forgotten, please visit back my previous post ~ here is the link that i showed my happiness to u guys
Today morning, i finally received my won gift, super excited that i can use it when the coming CNY
OH yes~ Strawberry flavour, sweet enuf

As u guys information, i participated many competition and free gift giveaway session recently
So i received many free stuff, as here i show to you guys

23 PaperMate Inkjoy Pen, some had been taken by my brother for his own use, so just leave a few here
actually i took some for my final exam too

Poise Extra and Slim Pad

Burberry Body Perfume

Heinz Note Organizer

Again, are you all remembered i took part in a Biore testimonial competition and i won a RM100 Biore product hamper, here are all the products included in this hamper.
(If you are interested on pass previous post too related with this competition, please visit

♥Thank Biore♥

I like this~ Biore Cleasing Strips, help me clean my strawberry nose :X, i been troubled by this problem since long long time ago, hopefully it is my saviour.

My Sunblock cream is almost finish, luckily this hamper include this SPF 30 PA+++product, thx :)), it really save my money, i can save money to buy other items :D

I still apply many free samples over these 1 months, but there are still haven coming,still waiting, arlszzzz
when they reached~??
And had u all prepare well for coming CNY??
Lolzzz, i still not :XXX

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