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Sunday, 8 January 2012

Halo 080112

I am seldom go out recently as i am having my final exam 
I try to update daily so i will renew it at the first moment if i jailbreak from my prison(hostel):((
OHHHH~i miss outside food so much:<<<
So today, juz share v u guys the cartoon i like~hope u all enjoy it^^

This post is purposely make up to share out my favourite ----> Octopus
That's right, I said cute octopus. Is it an oxymoron? I think not. My favorite octopi out there are the cartoon ones...I especially like the kawaii (Japanese for cute) ones drawn in a manga or anime style.
Pigs, frogs, elephants and roosters may be some of the more common collected animals out there (just mention to anyone that you like any of these animals and you are likely to get tchotchkes and t-shirts and the like for your birthday for years to come). But optupi need love too!

Cute Octopus VS CailynEvolution
Do us look alike???

Octopus T-Shirts, Mugs and Keychains...Oh My!

A cute octopus makes a great gift, especially for teens and tweens. They're fun, they're sweet, they are unusual and quirky. What more could you ask for? Check out some of these cute octopus designs and products. Many of these octopus designs are available on other products than those shown. Click on any of the pictures to be taken to a website page for more info.

These are such adorable octopuses in pink, blue, orange and other colors. There is even an octopus that has a mustache. A squid and an octopus make for best friends. And what could be more cute than an octopus on top of an ice cream cone? Or if you like to eat your octopus check out the cute takoyaki (octopus balls) t-shirt.

Pink Cute Octopus - T-shirt

Kawaii Octopus Bag

Cute Blue Octopus - Button

octopus and squid pals

Orange Octopus
Do u fall in love on cute octopus too after view my post??
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