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Friday, 18 November 2011

Just 4 U~♥Sweety♥62 Wong

What happen to 62 Wong??
Wanna Get the truth y she is laughing until so cute and funny??
Follow my post, u will get the answer soon~
Sweety~ a big and sexy KISS for U
hope u enjoy it~muackzz

My Dear Friend
62 Wong
Oh yeah~ she is the main actress today, is her big day,which she was came from her lovely mummy stomach???ha~izi rite??
Present from me and Cindra~ Timex Watch,hope u will love it

Lets turn back to our preparation before we are heading to the Amazing and crazy birthday celebration began~
Our make up stuff~false eyelashes is a must@#$

Sweet 62 Wong~Awesome, u r the gorgeous woman among us~i am the hair artist that day as usual

 Kawaii YOYO~i try the mature style today,izi i success??

Aurora smile was quite discomfiture, but still pretty!!gal

Woman is always busy on make up

Beauties preparation was end~
So, our destination for today is Mid Vally Mega Mall
We are heading to secret recipe to grab our birthday cake for 62

Secret recipe's staff is decorating on the birthday cake we ordering~TQ!!!

Waiting time is always best to...
We girls got nothing else to do except camwhoring.( >_<||| ) 

Finally done~

The chosen restaurant on today
Amarin Heavenly Thai
A Thai restaurant, a new try

Just looking around the environment of this thai restaurant, a caucasian fall in love on this thai restaurant too~ izi it really so yummy, dun panic, i will get the answer soon by myself

FLOWER?? i love flower,it is decoration on table~quite relaxing when c it

Here is the detail location for this restaurant, anyone interested can juz come and try it

Special, creative and innovative menu they have~ newspaper menu

we all are concentrate on chosing our meal course for tonite~ 
they have many choices for food, it is really quite difficult to make our order as this is our first time came in this shop


Except her~ ignore the menu and keep playing around her "new" handphone~
dun become angry bird ok, i juz kidding

OMG~ later is my turn, playing around my camera too


Our food come,i am hungry tat time as i skipped my lunch on tat day
thx for serving us

 Sky Juice

Tomyam Seafood

 Pandan Chicken

 Mango Salad

Pineapple Fried Rice~delicious

Restaurant staff was super fast motion, their staff help us take out our birthday cake out once we finished our dinner~ so suprising ♥♥♥

Make a wish~ make a wish~ make a wish

Capture the precious moment is one of the function of my camera

My Lovely 62 Wong
We wish u Happy Birthday
Getting older but getting positive thinking

Birthday gal and her boy is splitting out slide cake for us

  my slide cake


Chit-chat time is always the after dinner activity for gals~agree??

Sweet couple of the day~ 62 and Bohkid

Done my slide cake

we cant finish our cake since we r full after having heavy thai food
so, waiter/waitress,packaging plz~ we wan take away

A memorable photo release
Laz all gals photo before we leave this thai restaurant
Cheese~ as we r juz having baked cheese cake juz now
COOL Face i had

Heading to The garden for our shopping time, this activity is nt suitable for guy

LOLZ~chatime again~treat from birthday gal-62 Wong
Kind and sweet girl i noe since my first year university study life began,hope that our friendship will keep continue till old..i hope we can

♥A special sweet, love, romantic ending photo for my post♥
♥62 Wong and her boy, Bohkid~♥
♥SWEET and Happy Forever ,ok??promise me~♥
♥i am here waiting for u 2 wedding invitation ^^♥

All and all.

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