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Wednesday, 28 December 2011


My life is full of   " BLUR" and "UNCERTAINTY"
I love to explore new things in my life~ i dun like to shoot actually but ppl always thinks i like to shoot~I m having my exam week holidays now~frustrated to do revision~
I am so boring to do revision one more time and one more time~ I wanna update my blog~ I wanna be happy everyday ~ that are so many though in my mind~ So~i update my blog now, i dunno how to name the post title, because this post is the result i updated without any purpose, juz fulfil my need that i wanna update, by the way, i name it as HooHoo, the only post title i can figure of when i fill in the title post colunm,do u guys think it is a suitable title??

Sometimes i think what will i look like if i am an Office Lady as i am going to graduate next year

Juz to show u guys my home looks~messy look, i used to clip my hair up when i alone in hostel room

however, i want dye my hair become red??purple colour since long long time ago, but i din go and do it, i noe i will look like lala mui if i did it~by the way , did i looks nice in red hair???
I am going to end my post..Oopss~ suddenly i found it this is my 90th post~
unbelievable i created 90th post over 4 months~i will keep it on till 999 post :D

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