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Saturday, 4 February 2012

CNY Messy+Combine Post

We drive to Singapore three days during CNY, but not sequencetly~Sorry guys and gals, i forgot the date i went and juz wanna note at here~i lose 69 dollar sing for these 3 days gamble life~lolz~
This is a quite messy post~due to i forgot the actual happening during these 3 days, so i juz combine these photo into one post~  !@#$$%%^^&&*

Morning~Guys and Gals!!!
Start my gamble life at Marina Bay Sand Casino, as ur guys information, there are many branded shop in this casino so in the first place~i wish i can win more more money for me to buy a branded handbag before i gamble( i think at that^^)
WTF~this dream vanish, i lost money...
BYE BYE~ my branded handbag

I found that marina bay sand casino have a new foodcourt at outside..(lolz, i not sure whether is new actualli, but i din saw this foodcourt when i visited this casino laz year December)
Juz view the environment of this foodcourt~! lolz...

The only try of us in this foodcourt

A new discovery~
Gong Cha贡茶- Milktea shop 
We try this milktea product - Milk Green Tea + Pearl Jelly
Yummy````this brand milktea have a lot of kios and branches in Singapore
u may have a try if u play around Singapore 

Marina Bay Sand Casino is kinda near Bugis~so normally we will visit there after have fun at casino
OMG@#$%%^^ I am Milk Tea Lover??? AM I??????
Another Milk Tea Stall located at outside of the Iluma Shopmall
Try again~.....withins 4 hours, we try another milktea brand ~
What is that???
KOI.......koi..koi cafe

Dunno the taste of this milktea is kinda how>????

A kinda interesting utility of this milktea

Wuajaja~i looks like shapo(mad gal)in this photo~

what the taste of this Koi Milktea~
Let me have a try first ya~ HMMMM....yum~yum~
3 over 5 ratings i gave for it~but i think Gong Cha is better than koi~my private comment

A muz in this Chinese New Year~ A photo shoot with Cai Shen Ye (财神爷)
Gong Hei Fa Cai~ Angpau give me
Fa cai----fa cai

Did u guys and gals noe, i am a dragon baby???
lolz~i revealed my actual age at here~but is does't matter
I am an old woman.....

I wanna separated the post at here
this is the another day of me at Singapore~we visited the Sentosa Resort World again..i have to admit it is really quite boring to keep stayed at resort world, there was nothing to play since i oredi went there many times since it opened 3 years ago
so we went to Vivo City to have a shop~

Gong Cha Milktea again at Vivo City

A try at Foverer 21~ did i looks mature~OMG~ i found my double chin in this photo~
I need a face diet immediately

There is a boardway for us to walk back from Vivo City to Sentosa, but it costs one dollar~
otherwise u can choose another transport` bus- 2dollar/ train - 3dollar, so we better walk, am i rite???

Once we back to Sentosa, an amazing picture i catched at there~ a tourist bring out her pets
I name this photo as``````
Big Doggie vs Small Doggie

The laz shoot at Hard Rock Hotel before we leave

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