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Monday, 24 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

YEY! Maybank is currently held a Legoland Bloggers Contest that open to all Malaysian residents Bloggers to blog about why they would like Maybank to give them tickets to Legoland and so on bloggers will stand a chance to win tickets to visit Legoland! This is an awesome opportunity for me to get the free tickets, so i decided to blog it!

These are the 3 "WHY" from me, i hope Maybank will satisfy about my sincerely "answer'!!! Haha

3 Reasons :
#1. I am a 100% Lego Fan.

I'm serious,that's like 99% of my reasons why I wanna go Legoland so so so badly. Lego is my all time favourite since i am a little child. I am extremely excited/crazy when i knew Legoland is reach Malaysia. This was really really an amazing news to a 100% Lego Fan like me!!So, please~~let me realize my wish~~TT

*somehow I stopped at reason #1 and went to play my Lego toy..*

#2. Show off 

This is the Bloggers Contest that will be participated by many awesome bloggers in order to win the Legoland tickets.
So you guys know, if i am one of the bloggers who win the contest, it's like telling people i am good in blogging. This is definitely the extra honour to a blogger!!Imagine out of so many bloggers and you're lucky to get free tickets to visit Legoland Malaysia.THE *in your face* FEELING IS SO AWESOME.

#2. Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Legoland Park is the first international theme park in Malaysia and even the first Legoland Park in Asia. So as a patriot, i am strongly believe the impact of Legoland Malaysia will resonate further than just being a leisure destination but it will be an achievement that Malaysians can be proud of!!! 
So, as a 100% Malaysian, i am hoping i can get the chance to witness this "Malaysia Boleh"!!

#xoxo~so proud to be a Malaysian!!!

That's all for my 3 "WHY".
Fingercrossed right now hope I can get tickets! 

Thursday, 13 September 2012

LEGOLAND® Malaysia@Nusajaya,Johor

Finally done my Legoland amazing trip's photo editing job after i spent almost 4 hours in front of my laptop..Kinda suffered to stay in front of the laptop for so many hours but i think i must done my Legoland post in today cuz 2 more days, that is 15 Sept 2012 is the officially grand opening ceremony of Legoland, i keen to make review for my lovely readers before they visit it. Well, the second reason is i hope i can be the first person to blog about "Legoland Malaysia" than others ppl. It is definitely a lot of Legoland Malaysia' related post will appear after 15 Sept 2012, so i must blog it before them!!!Evil???I wish i can be the first to blog on it.

I am so excited when received the call from my aunt that she say she got 5 free Legoland tickets and she wanna offered 2 instead of 5 to me and my mummy,yahooooo!!!!!!Legoland Malaysia is so kind to offer a lot of pre-opening free tickets to educational's area workers(1 family with 5 free tickets), includes my aunt(a computer educator)!!!THX so much for the free tickets~aunt!!!

So, let us start my Legoland journey now!!!can't wait to try those games~
It was 10/9/2012, around 10++am, i reached Nusajaya,Legoland with my mummy, aunt and my 2 cutie cousins.

This was the scene outside the Legoland Malaysia, we captured some photos while waiting my aunt queue up to get the 5 free tickets. So, These were my 2 cutie pie cousins, they did appeared in my blog before...called them Xuanxuan and Weiwei, 2 naught kids><

I felt so high when saw the 5 free tickets, if bought ourselves, it need cost us almost RM600, but we can go in by free..amazing???yes...totally amazing!!!!hehe...juz remind you guys don't be envious of me, all can go in at coming 15 Sept 2012 too but need to spend your own money to buy ticket only...@#$$evil smile now!!!!

I did some review before one day i went to Legoland, Malaysia, so after i visited it, i found out Legoland  Malaysia is basically composed by 7 areas, what are they??
1) The beginning
2) Lego Technic
3) Miniland
4) Imagination
5) Lego Kingdoms
6) Lego City
7) Land of Adventure
So, i will do the Legoland exploration towards these 7 area one by one detailly....

The beginning~ well, there is a mini market located just beside after you enter the main entrance door, it just at your right hand side.

The sunlight is too dazzle and causing us can't even opened our eyes....a warm regard here, remember to bring a sunglasses, apply thick thick sunblock/suncream and do remember wearing long sleeve shirt and long trouser/pant if you dun wish to become the Africa blacks~Oops!!!a cap also!!!

This is our first station - Lego Technic, 5 activities inside this area - Lego Academic, Aquazone Waze Racers, Lego Mindstorms, Project X and Technic Twister.

Aquazone Waze Racers was so so so damn fun,haha...due to the reason there were only a few visitors on Monday, i played 3 times for this game, woohooo...shiok!!!!!

Technic Twister, this game probably designed for whole family...yup..nth special..just twist and twist....this game is exactly same with the ??Motion in Universal Studio, soorry, guys..forgot that game's  name.
 Pulled down my sunglasses for a little while cuz this is a indoor game. Scary puffy eyes appeared~

Project X, looks scary when you just look at cart for 4 passengers, this one is suitable for adult.

Robot Kitchen, i knew there were altogether 7 food and beverages cafe inside the Legoland, randomly shooted it down...These cafe all offered expensive food and beverages...One main course is cost around RM15- RM20, Carbonated drinks(Sarsi, Coca-cola)is cost around RM5 -RM10. So, bring yourself a big big bottle plain water is definitely a wise choice if you dun wish to spend money on drinks!!!

In front of the Lego Mindstorms, teehee, say cheese

Second station was Miniland, this station nothing to play, but just see..see..and took pictures!!
Some explaination i copied from Legoland website:
See the world in an amazing new way in MINILAND, the centrepiece of every LEGOLAND®Park.  It took three years and more than 30 million LEGO® bricks to recreate some of Asia’s best known landmarks in detailed miniature.Stroll through famous scenes from 17 Asian countries, including the Petronas Twin Towers, the Merlion Statue and the Taj Mahal.The whole of MINILAND is animated, and guests – big and small – can bring the models to life at the touch of a button.

Start off to our next third station - Imagination. 6 activities in imagination park, Build & Test, Duplo Express, Dupro Playtown, Lego Studios-4D cinema, Observation Tower & Kids Power Tower. 

Lego Studios.....
i think 4D cinema is the best in this park....
We watched twice in one, can't find any word to describe it...
Some bubbles will fall down suddenly from upside during the movie ongoing...crazy><haha @#$%^

Duplo Playtown, this is the area only available for chidren....A child size city for the youngest to explore. 

Again, Dupro Express only available to child 3 years old to 6 years old....
Imagination looks like is more suitable for kids customer...

Observation Tower, damn sad that this tower was still under renovation and observe period. It will just open for visitors at 15 Sept 2012, so unlucky....
Btw, You can head 50 metres up for a fantastic view over the whole of LEGOLAND® Malaysia.

Kids Power Tower, this is the game which lets the children to prove their strength to gain a beautiful over the park, but i tried it too, i think it was so fun also.

My 2 naught cousins even played 2 round.

Build & Test center, we can simply invented our Lego car in this center and test it
Well, i just can use "cool" to describe this centre..haha, i gain so much fun by making my Lego Transformer....

We had a race of each others after done the Lego car, wuwu...i lost!!!!!!!
I think this centre can help kids to provoke their creative ability.

Happy gal with her invented's lego car :DDDDDD

Another restaurant in this imagination area - Pizza Mania.

Our fourth station - Lego Kingdoms, 6 activities inside it - The Forestmen's Hideout, Castle Stage, Dragon Apprentice, Royal Joust, Merlin's challenge & The dragon.

The Forestmen's Hideout..well, it just a playground for childs.

Dragon Apprentice, fun and cousin,Xuanxuan was cry while playing it..

The dragon, a lot of twist and turns along the way

Royal Joust.....Adults were forbidden!!!
Only available to child

 Castle Stage

Some of the items displayed in the King's Market.

The fifth station - Land of Adventure, 4 Activities inside this park, Lost Kingdom, Beetle Bounce, Pharaoh's Revenge & Dino Island.

Dino Island....well, i get to see the Dino Island when i first step into Land of Adventure, still not opened for damn sad

Lost Kingdom,  another game for child

Beetle Bounce....2 kids played 3 round for this game,awesome!!!!!

Jungle Cafe located in this area.

Last, we went to Lego City. 7 Activities in this site, Rescue Academy, Lego City Stage, Legoland Express, The Shipyard, Lego City Airport, Boating School & Junior Driving School.

Rescue Academy, families race each other to put out the fire and stop the robbers together. We race with other families and finally we get number one....geng..shiok!!!!
Hooray..Hooray hooray hooray!!!!
Number 1 team's spirit

Driving School, available only for child 6 to 13 years old...child can get a driving licence after the game, but the driving licence cost RM20, kinda expensive.

Boating School, this was not fun :((( a bit boring to drive the boat, bt i still played twice, first time alone and second time accompany my cousin.

Lego City Airport, accompany my cousin to play again, my mum and cousin say they felt a bit dizzy after twist for 3 round..haha, but i not!!!

Finally done introduced 7 parks, so we went to shop in the BIG SHOP before we leave Legoland Malaysia. I found that all items inside the shop was double higher expensive than outside shop. One kinder bueno priced RM5.50???lolz.....pricey enuf.

This kid begged her mother to get him a lego model...ignorant look!!!!
Kid,you must learn to save money you know??earning money is a hardship!!!!!

It reached twilight so means our journey is going to end. So reluctant, i dun wanna leave legoland....

A pic of my Aunt and Mummy><

Bye bye Legoland!!!!! 
I think i will not visit Legoland Malaysia in a coming short time again as 70%/most of the game in the Legoland actually are more suitable for children instead of adult, but it was really fun to have a happy time with my 2 cutie cousins.

i am hoping that there will be more game will be built for adult in the future...I saw some places still under construction, izi for water park???hehe..hopefully is!!!!!

Well, i found that the Hello Kitty Wonderland is just beside the Legoland and heard that it will be opened soon also...hooray....but izi real???
Anyway, i think Legoland is a park suitable for whole family compare with going with frens or even boyfriend/gf.

Thx Aunt for the free tickets again that giving the opportunity for me to become the "BIG KID" a day....

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