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Sunday, 8 July 2012

Langkawi Island Day 2♥

After a day rest, i feel more better and so on we continue our day 2 Langkawi Island papawalk~
Still remember i say the hotel provides 2 pax of free breakfast inside their hotel for us, so we go down to enjoy it at 9.00am before we departure to our today schedule.

The swimming pool is just beside the damn enjoyable to have breakfast while looking at the swimming pool scene happening....
Not so much food choices on the morning buffet but you can simply match the wheat or white bread according your preference..
Our yummy breakfast of the day^^
I am so excited Koko Crunch was provided for us

Welcome to Kilim Geoforest Park
I am quite wondering why it called as Kilim??But the way, this park is a jetty for us to have boat tour.

The price is kinda pricey for one boat:((
After asked, we knew one boat can be shared by around 5 to 8 people, so we quickly find a pair of couple from Germany to join us..hehe, so we choose the second package, one boat for RM350 and 2 hours duration boat trip, so the conclusion is RM50 for one person.

From my view, the one hour trip is actually enough as the Anak Tikus Island and Langsir cave/Mempelam Bay are nothing to see in the fact..can understand my meaning??Okay, these both island are actually just island as none activity proceed at there.So, readers, if you guys are visiting the langkawi next time, remember that is more valuable to choose the one hour trip instead of two hours trip, bear in mind@@


The first station is Bat Cave

Hey guys and gals,can see any bat inside the pix??
Somebody told us we have to aware of our hat and sunglass as monkey will appear suddenly to snatch off our things, so i take down my sunglass immediately.

So we on the way go to the next destination, and so surprising we saw a few of monkey when we on the way:D

The second station is Fish Farm

The third station is eagle watching

The fourth station is Andaman Sea Island
For your guys information, nothing to see in this Island...LOLXXXX...

The fifth station is Anak Tikus Island, nothing to see again..lolxxxx.....waste our money~~~~~
so we just have a pix at here:D
Ooh~why the pic for Langsir cave was disappeared?? Okay..just let it be as the island was nothing to see be a wise consumer, the first package will be your best choice, a warm reminder^^

After leave from Kilim Geoforest Park, we went to the Durian Perangin, it is a waterfall

It was lunch time and we found there was a Malay+Thai Style Mamak Stall beside the Durian Perangin, so we just decided to settle our lunch at here^^
The weather was so so so hot on that time, having a coconut drink on thst time indeed a wise choice, one coconut for RM3.50

Coconut with the gals
*Actually my wounds still there..but most of the photos i just use the photoshop software to erase it..damn..this cause all my photo looks so fake/artificial

Thai+Malay styles Food of the day:

We continue our short walk to Durian Perangin after had lunch

Finally a gals pix....
So..the conclusion is it just a waterfall~

I been quite craving for Pantai Pasir Hitam(Black Sand) before we reached it...I just wondering how it looks~

Oh i see~ Black Sand is like this

We went to Muzium Warisan but only one photo i shoot as that was in-allowable for photo shooting inside the muzium...lolxxx

The highlight of the day..going for Cable car:DDD
Well, cable car is located at the oriental village...Oriental village is such a place to shoot...many different styles of building and a lot of duty free zone shopp~

We are here~Cable car station...I forgot the price for one ticket, probably is RM15 for one person

Hihi!!!I am inside the cable car~

Amazing seascape

So so so unlucky the skybridge was closed for maintenance purpose on that time:((

The scary Skybridge, after i saw it, i should change the word from "unlucky" to "lucky"...

I am now at 700meter above sea level...the weather was so so so comfortable, like in the genting

Wow...a snack stall was located at cool~ the worker need take cable car to work

I not sure izi this place is call as "Quay Bay"....

Cailyn Evolution~yuppie..i am here!!!!!

We played around on the beach and compete on catching the little crab...i was lost....Bohkid won as he success caught a small crab..kinda cute..we released it after we catch photo on it^^

And then, we went to Cenang Beach for waiting the sunset
Cenang Beach seaview was awesome!!!!!!!

We chose Thai Mom Thai Seafood Restaurant for having dinner

The environment is romantic enough but not sure the taste for food is how

Finally i take off my sun-glass after one whole day wearing on it~

Food of the day:
That's all for my Langkawi Day 2, how you think about it??
I still have some photo for my Langkawi Day 3..maybe will update later or just skip i just wanna ask izi you guys and gals still interested on my Langkawi Day 3??Kindly express it by leave a comment^^Bye bye^^

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