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Monday, 16 July 2012

Jia's Day

A so so so so long time ago post. We were celebrated buddy i get to know since the first week orientation in university's 20+ birthday.Hehe..quite sorry for the belated birthday celebration. Truthfully appreciate so much the help getting from her since these four years life....Well...Happy Birthday!!!Girl!!!

Our birthday celebration can be described as simple but meaningful...We went Mines to have a starbucks after that we watched movie(Snow White and the huntsman...yup..i am one of the fan of Kristen Steward so i suggested it:DD)
The main actress of the day~Jia
My wound was still so obvious//lolxxxx..i knew i looks ugly in this photo but this is only the photo i took with birthday gal so plz///plz//plz, just accept this pix okay??
After movie, we went to Riverside restaurant/cafe to have our dinner.This is the second time i ate at here...i think this cafe's environment is nice but their food is so so only....anyway we have a fun chat at there...
Just have a small review on our orders that day...
Lastly,Happy Birthday again...
Just want to remind you..hehe, don't forget my birthday present in coming August, okay??
Bye Bye> >

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