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Monday, 2 July 2012

Big Portion@Williams Corner Kelana Jaya

Hello~Guys and gals....miaow//miaow~i am back,yes..i back to my home town finally after studied 4 years in UPM, Serdang Selangor. Seriously... to me, it was a damn suffer experience to study alone at outside(especially in Local University), so i not decide to hunt new job in KL(loves my sweet home the most!!!) I not officially graduated, coz i still have to wait for my last semester result that will only release at coming August or September i guess. My wound are still unrecovered..lolz~in dilemma-ing, keep thinking on what job should i apply for and i looks ugly,so how can i go for interview??SHIT@#$%^&.....HAIZZZZ
Back to topic....i store kinda much photo and not updated my blog for quite a long am so free, so is time to settle down these photo...
This mamak stall was recommended by mamaboy, Williams Corner.Williams corner is just a stall, corner road restaurant..i just can say if you don't mind about cleanliness, and you like the big portion food somemore, then you are advisable to come here.
To be frank, kinda shocked when knew about mamaboy was suggested this place for our gathering, the first impression from me to this mamak shop is OMG>>OMG>>why should we having gathering in this shop, can we changed to a cafe with well,comfortable environment???What so special about this shoppppppp....?? 
I don't know what we shall ordered in the first place due to the reason there was no menu supply.++"...So, the only person came here before,mamaboy gave us some suggestion and super recommend that we should ordered seafood carbonara because he ate before and taste awesome, so we followed his suggestion as i cant figure out anymore waht i should ordered at that time.

Lychee Ribena was coming, cost us RM8, luckily i share it with Aurora, we are guessing it pour whole tin of lychee inside it. Damn crazy,right??no tasty~=="and it not the real was pigment drink,disgusting..yake~ BIG not equal NICE!!!
When the food were served, we were shocked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The portion from each dish was super big....i guess it was enough for 2-3 or even 4 pax. We were shocked because we not expected at all one dish was actually can serve for 3 to 4 person..damn~the waiter not informed us at all!!!! If we knew it, we will not ordered so much!!!!

This is probably Chicken rice, 3 types of different chicken was served in one plate, cost RM35,crazy@@
 Mee Raja(BIG PORTION too!) RM20
Seafood Carbonara.....OMG~~~again..we really not expected it was damn plate for RM40 and we even ordered two!!!!.... many seafood inside, got prawns, mussels, scallops , crab and fish slice. Although it looks valuable, but to me, i think it was invaluable at all to spend this pricey price to have seafood in mamak shop..lolz...
2 big big plate seafood carbonara  in front of the mamaboy...SEE..what happened???
Well..Mamaboy was be startled, he looks so shocked..and thinking in his brain now:""how can i finish alone??"  Muddle-headed looks~
Cindra was shooting at these big portion food also in the first time
We chatting and put the most effort to finish these big portion food
My plate~ geli??
I try to finish all the seafood inside the carbonara,i not used to waste...It was quite tasty but i still prefer Beef Ball Spaghetti in Delicious>>>if compared with it!!
So, at last, we try our best to finish all dishes but, we just proceed to our photo session..
This mamak shop was kinda a good recommended eater place to go if you like big portion food and dun mind about the environment, but remember bring more money when you visit it...Just a warm reminder, remember to ask about price when you make your order. Or else, you sure will get shocked like us....==“Stay tuned coz i will update my Port Dickson and Langkawi trip asap:D

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