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Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Double Eyelid Tutorial

Halo~C my giant eyes??Most of girls will love their eyes to be naturally big-round with huge double eyelid, some of them may pursue small eyes with no eyelid. I'm one of the majority but it doesn't mean small eyes aren't attractive.
I am single eyelid doll, so sad to say that out//:<~ In fact, i always complain and blame to my mummy y u gave birth ur daughter without double eyelid. So, i keep searching the method to reshape my eyelid and i got it

Thanks to Koji eye talk, my eyes speaks stronger since then! *electric buzzzzzzz* ( ΦωΦ)★*"`'*-

What items inside it???

Eyelid Glue and "little" Y

A tiny instruction manual inside to teach us how to use this eyelid glue.

It's a white liquid and turns transparent when it's dry.

The smell is a bit strong, it's a mixture of gluey smell + some fragrance i guess..

Although i dont really like the smell but it's still bearable.

How do i use this? 
1. Cleanse your eyelids and wipe them dry.
2. Use the fork applicator to measure the thickness of your double eyelids ( which you desire) - 4-6mm from your eyelashes will be more natural
3. Close your eyes
4. Use the brush applicator and apply a 4-6mm wide(oval shaped) on your middle eyelid - a thin layer will do and avoid uneven application

5. Wait the glue totally turns transparent

It is totally turns transparent NOW!!!!!

Fork applicator is a MUST, well, i used to call it as "little" Y, i think this nickname is more cuter and suit for it

6. slowly use the fork applicator to push your eyelids up

Here's my result :) My Double eyelid is appear, i love it so much

Obvious BIG eye and SMALL eye~ Monster

Anyway, . Lovin mua eyelids now, TEEHEE ︵(@ ̄︶ ̄@)︵ You will look more cuter and energetic if you put your fringe down~is i true???

 Koji Eye talk Tutorial video from youtube, i sure you guys will be more clearly about how to operate koji eye talk after view it︵(@ ̄︶ ̄@)︵ 

Reminders for this product:
It make my eyes looks pretty natural but my eyelids does looks bumpy and not it is difficult to apply any eyes make up product on it~ note at here~it is difficult to get perfect product in this world too :<

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