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Tuesday, 31 July 2012

What is Nuffnang??How to earn from Nuffnang

I am thinking of blogging about "What is Nuffnang" since quite long time ago. Oops, i think some readers might consider this post is quite useful while some start feel bored...due to the reason you had been told by others for many times,btw, did you??
Whatever, i still hope that this post will be useful to my readers and also can help my readers to earn extra small pocket money~interested now??

So, firstly, before you start to earn money T.T. i think you should know what is Nuffnang????Okay, i straight-away copy it's actual meaning from Official website of Nuffnang as i think it is clear enuf to explain "What is Nuffnang":D

Nuffnang is the first Asia Pacific blog advertising community, with more than 200,000 Nuffnang bloggers over these countries, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines and Australia. (Known as Nuffnang MY, Nuffnang SG etc)

It is very much like Google Adsense, except that Nuffnang only run their ads on blogs or websites. Every blogs that you submit needs the admin approval.

So, based on my understanding, Nuffnang is an advertising company that aim on places their customer's advertisement on people's blog, then the owner of the blog can earn advertising's fees from Nuffnang when visitors visit their blog. Nice??It is the extra encouragement to blogger to continue blogging :D

So, Let us start now to make you clear about the step to earn from Nuffnang~

Quick Glance about the contents i am going to explain:

  1. 1. How to start earning with Nuffnang?
  2. 2. Complete your Nuffnang Bio
  3. 3. Add ads into Your Blog(s) / Domain
  4. 4. Example of Nuffnang Earnings

  6. 1. How to start earning with Nuffnang?

  7. In Nuffnang, a blogger earns when ads are published at their blogs. In other words, to start earning, the very important first step is you must have your own blog/domain, so start to create the blog belong to you own today.  After created your's blog, you can go and register to Nuffnang.(If you already owned a blog, means you can directly proceed to the registration)

  8. To register, please go to their Official Website and click sign up:

2. Complete your Nuffnang Bio

Once you clicked "sign up". You have started your first step. Then, please proceed to complete your own bio data(Blogger registration), such as occupations, information about your blog etc. I think these information are easier to fill up and remember to fill up as specially as you can.If you have time, you should read GETTING STARTED in Nuffnang site, there are steps by steps guide for beginners.P/S: Please make sure the details fill up are all real and accurate or else you may not receive your payment when cash out!!!

3. Add ads into Your Blog(s) / Domain

Once you have your own Nuffnang account with your complete bio and blog(s), now it reach the most important step~ it is the time to put ads into your own blog(s)/domain(s). And yes, I mean you can add ads to multiple sites (if you owned more than one blog) you have, thus increasing your earning power( earn more money$$). 2 blogs with similar traffic means you gonna earn 2x, and 3 Nuffnang blogs and you gonna get 3x and so on.

3 types of ads are available:
1. Leaderboard (728 x 90)

2. Skyscraper (160 x 300)

3. Large Rectangle (336 x 280)

You can choose to put 1 ad instead of 3 ads in your blog or even 2 ads instead of 3 ads or even all 3 ads, but it is strongly advisable to put all 3 types of ads in the blog so the earning opportunity can be increased.
If you are computer illiterate, and you don't know anything about HTML etc, no worries. There are steps by steps guide on how to add the ads unit into your blogspot, wordpress, or other domains, make sure you did right in this step!!!!

4. Example of Nuffnang Earnings

There are 2 types of Nuffnang earnings, bloggers get paid by getting their ads published.

Metered Earnings VS Campaigns Earnings

1. METERED EARNING - Ads are published for a certain period, and bloggers gain revenue by getting sufficient traffic, and CTR, means you will get paid once have visitors visit your blog.

What is CTR: To reward blogs for good campaign performance, Nuffnang will now be giving out bonus earnings for blogs that achieve a CTR (Click-through ratio) of 0.2% or higher on new campaigns that run on their blog. This figure is based on average industry standards.

p/s: This is not the metered earnings belong to me,haha~ I just show you guys the examples of Metered Earnings.
Example of Metered Earning

2. CAMPAIGNS EARNINGS - Ads are published with certain short period, and bloggers get paid only when visitors click on these published advertisement.

Campaigns Earnings

p/s: This is not the campaigns earnings belong to me,haha~ I just show you guys the examples of Campaigns Earnings.

You can cash out your earnings once it reach RM50. All Nuffnang earnings will be sent via Nuffnang Cheque and RM1 will be deducted as transaction fees.
I will show you guys the cheque once i received from Nuffnang~
So, start to blog today!!!
I am so pleased to answer you guys's questions about Nuffnang, kindly leave your questions in my comment box :D


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Friday, 27 July 2012


A few days ago...i received the free samples from Maggi>< To be frank, i not a super fan of Maggi~=="
Can see the words on the yellow box?? "Here's to you, our loyal Maggi's fan"....=="
Well..btw, so thanks to Maggi!!!!!!

I received a letter too, this letter stated i am one of the 3000 people in Malaysia who got the chance to try the new maggi product before it launch to the actual market in Malaysia..WOW!!
Here are the two new flavour will be launched by Maggi in the coming future market:D
Mi Goreng Cili Lazat & Mi Goreng Kari Lazat
Seriously, i never try the Maggi Mee serve in dry before(always ate maggi curry soup) so actually i am quite craving for it's taste:D

And so, the letter stated too i stand a chance to win a RM50 secret recipe voucher if i snap a photo which sharing Maggi with my family or lovely friends and send to maggi via email....WOW! so nice again...i hope i can win it as i oredi sent it..quite craving for secret recipe's cheesecake now...><
So, gals and guys~do you wish to receive some free maggi samples as me??
The action you need to do is just need to like the facebook Maggi Page > so you will get the latest update news from Maggi...and so on, you may get opportunity to try new products of Maggi too..GUD LUCK:D


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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sushi Making in Home

 Halo %$%
I am so hard-working on updating my blog recently juz the reason becuz i am too free..ahaha
So, i try to update something new in my blog as my previous blog's contents always focus on searching around cafe, restaurant and today i am cooperate with my mum to produce TOH's homemade sushi...what so special of Toh's sushi..lolxx, nothing special ,okayyy!!!haha
Different making styles for different people......

This is the styles and making process of  TOH's homemade sushi
And so i think this post is suitable for basic learner who never make sushi before, so guys and gals><
Let us start!!!!!

First step: Prepares all ingredients we need to make sushi, btw, ingredients can be varied according personal's preference and flavour. Basic ingredients are pearl rice, seaweed, vinegar, egg, prawn and so on whatever you like.

Second step: Put the rice equally onto the seaweed and then put the ingredients you like on rice

Third Step: scrolling the seaweed by using scrolling tool(i get it from Giant supermarket, i think it can be found in any supermarket)

WoW~~~~~DONE!!! Mummy u did a good job!!!! well, i just be an advisor and photographer beside my mummy..lalalal~ and later i will become a tester!!

Fourth Step: Cut the done sushi roll into half

TOH"S  Homemade Sushi is officially DONE!!!!!!!!

So, i just arrange these sushi into a tupperware..
well, you can give it to your love one(i think he/she sure will very touching) or share with your friends

What happened to these sushi??
in my stomach now lol@@
Bye Bye...
I will keep updating my blog recently so remember must stay tuned!!

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Saturday, 21 July 2012

Again and again???

Again and again???Oops>>>>> you guys should start thinking now...lolwtf.....Langkawi Trip photos again???Should be say sorry if i boring you guys at here..Not mean to keep updating about my Langkawi trip>< The reason is>>> still remember i mentioned in my previous Langkawi post that some photo were still kept inside the Benny(Cindra Boyfie)'s DSLR camera??? So, i just received these ton of photos from Cindra 3 days before...
Fine, i think these photos looks great and it is meaningless i keep these photos inside my pc without showing created this post....

Not going to do any caption for these photos.....HOpefully you guys will like it!!!

A Ton of Pixes
That's all
Specially thanks to Benny (Cindra's Bf) at here:D


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Friday, 20 July 2012

许留山 ^^

Hi....everybody!!!!I am showing my bun face at here again..lolxx.. Another old post again!!!! Whatever lah, the main purpose i blogged was just wanna introduce this dessert shop " HUI LAU SHAN"
Actually, i don't know what special for this dessert shop in the first place...ic ic...ic..ic
After get some explanation from Wei Wei who went to Hong Kong before, i realised this shop is super duper famous in Hong Kong. Many "Hui Lau Shan" Franchise are just surrounding at the Hong Kong...
Must TRY it!!!!!! 
 This shop primarily focus on various types and kinds of desserts made of mango##
Damn lot of choices listed down inside menu..btw,i not ordered any one of them coz i felt so full just after had my dinner at Sakae Sushi...haha...waiting for my frenz's order and taste a bite after the dessert were served was the plan in my mind...super evil gal am i huh???

Wow...Mango pudding looks attractive....
3 types of different mango made desserts were served together...
Just can be say "yummy..yummy...!!!!":DS
I gonna repeat at here, i damn hate my face's reddish part under my right lazy to ps off....><so i just show off at here^^whateverlah...i know i am ugly plus dirty in this photo..but who care??
Aurora at my back.....taste nice????
I forgot to tell you guys, this shop is located inside The Mines Shopping Mall, ground 2 or 3///
I found that The Mines shopping mall had opened a lot of famous eating shop recently such like THe Garden, Tong Pak Fuk, Bread Talk, Plaza BBQ and so on...Damn NICE!!!So, may pay a visit to this shopping mall next time if you guys visit KL...

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