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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Is my U Life is going to end??


Yes~getting lazy and also busy recently, that's y only able to update 2 posts in one month(slap me plz)~gosh!!!
run here run there to meet my FYP supervisor to get my final draft(FYP) approvement, otherwise,how can i graduate? To be or not to be, that is the question and i choose to be..and finally all settled :D a satisfy smile :)))yuppie

went to Heritage Riverside Restaurant for a while relaz~ 


my hardship was went through, and get my last gain
Do u guys knew my surname is "TOH" actually..first time reveal at here,hehe~kinda shy..wuahaha

MY Proved of my hardship~
a photo with my precious baby

Lastly, plz say a word “congratulation" to me~ forced!!! i need it so much:DD
I really scare i can't graduate at the moment i met that damn scary accident one month before(keep on thinking y i am so unlucky????)...woohoh, a long sigh~
But, lastly i knew actually i was lucky...get to see all true face of my friends, dun misunderstood that i am going to say they are evil,okay!! Actually, i am going to say...they help me so much~they are not cruel,they all are a fortunate of me, get to recognize u i realize..FRIENDS ARE IMPORTANT WHEN WE ARE OUTSIDE~ finally understood

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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Last Week

A new post updated before i proceed to my last subject final exam revision. Seriously, i wrote "gonna update my blog soon" in my facebook personal blog page yesterday but suddenly i found what i should write actually as be frank, there was nth special happening i in dilemma and keep thinking..and thinking, thx god, sort out somethings to write~

Happened before 3 weeks ago>< still ugly look~ Its my last week in my last semester, gonna inform you guys  local university normally has 14 weeks in one semester, so last week = 14th week~kinda sad while kinda happy, i have complicated mood in my last week. Well, mamaboy was fetched us to paparich have a chitchat session and after that we changed destination and headed to Murni, SS 2 to continue our supper..OMG~reached that at 3am>< and we all were starving!!!!

From Menu, we knew Murni has altogether 5 braches surrounding KL,Selangor area

A lot of special roti choices

Hang out with these sista~ Kenix

Cindra seems like has small big eyes in this photo:D

Aurora, they were still enegetic~lolz,i felt so sleepy at that time.

Our ordeing was coming, Ribena special was my favourable~ i couldn't remember all the food name as 3 weeks passed somemore so sleepy at that time too"((

 Mamaboy too~tq for ur transport//haha

We reached hostel at morning 5.30am after ate at Murni~OMG, have lecture at 9am, so after slept for around 2++hours, i went to attend my laz lecture in my university life(haiz~my university evolution was going to end)..i love study actually
So after we attended our laz lecture at morning 9am, we went to have a celebration at Puchong, Neway. Actually there was nth for celebrate, i knew the real challenges is coming after graduated and i should have enough brave to confront it soon~i hope i can do it!!
 We were kinda crazy in the KTV room, pattern many many also...

This is Ah Beng~Ah Beng say:" You dare to shoot me??i shoot back you too~" Cindra was laughing at that moment\..hahaha:))))

 Ugly+ugly..a last kiss in my last lecture day
 Set ordered by me..nth tasty at all><

BYE bye~gonna do my revision now

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Monday, 4 June 2012

Pale Face

休息了两个礼拜酱,脸上的伤口终于慢慢复原了~坦白说真的很怕脸上的伤口不好好照顾的话会留下疤痕之类的。毕竟我也是个爱美的女生,所以脸庞是我的宝贝x0x0~平时的我出门都会上一层BBcream,但是脸受伤了,而且是在康复期,为了避免细菌感染,所以我要向BBcream say "NO" 咯〉《,不过防晒还是不可或缺的,眼睛部分不说,本来就懒惰化,也没常化,因为化工也不好~所以顶着一张惨白的脸,我出门去新开的shopping mall啦~Paradigm Mall

用黑线把脸部受伤的部分圈圈起来了,主要是右眼下方,"钟无艳“?? 坦白说有像!! 鼻子下方~下巴外加黑青~本人其实看起来还是很可怜兮兮而且满丑的样子,不过我还是敢敢出去”show" ~ 

Paradigm Mall我来啦~由于是新开张的关系,parking是free的~不过现在不知道还是不是free的~我不知道这间shopping mall的正确位置,不过大家只要google search一下就知道啦,我其实也很懒惰search的说~哈哈,麻烦大家自己动动手辣

 Pale gal in the paradigm mall~looks like ghost~

由于新开张的关系,shopping mall请了东于哲来为商场造势,我们其实不知道他们会来,蛮开心的~刚好能看看明星》《其实东于哲本人蛮帅的~看了一下下就离开了,因为他们不是我的偶像,所以只能说“看过就算”。
接着下来去吃了这间甜品店-糖百府Tong Pak Fu,听我朋友说香港很多它的连锁店,而且味道不错,所以我们决定一试。一样~google search 一下就能找到关于这间店的很多资料。


 Pale gal in the Ton Pak Fu~ looks like ghost take 2
我们点了四样甜点来品尝,特别提一下,它们家的甜品的价格大约是从RM6.80 到RM10++不等~种类从热的到冷的都有,其实种类繁多,我本人觉得味道还不错,大家有机会的话可以去关顾一下。



我们没有逗留在Paradigm Mall吃晚餐,而是选择了位于KelanaJaya的这间lakeside restaurant -GRUMPS。 这间餐厅好像也蛮有名的,因为看到有报章报道过~湖边餐厅。所以大家有兴趣的话又要再麻烦自己google search 啦。


Stay Tuned

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