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Monday, 26 November 2012

H & M

Oops...i love to view others's blog..and one thing i found out after i viewed so many others' blog is.. most of the blogger love to shoot photo when inside the front sit/back sit of car..wuahaha..the reason that i am a blogger too, so here are the typical photos also...

Shooting while Valerie went to buy the hair spray in a shopping Mall-Holiday Plaza before ahead for working venue. It was pretty boring to sit alone inside the car lol~ Well...although i mentioned i am a partime makeup assistant for Vivimakeover in the previous post, but gonna declare at here it doesn't means i am expert in makeup too..i just an assistant wat=))..the expert is the makeup artist not me as usual as me, a single eyelid gal without any eye makeup but of course with a little bit BB cream. (teehee==))a gal alwaz support a natural look)
So, after a whole day works in the Marriott Hotel in Orchard Road again...we end up in shopping at the Orchard road after that..As usual, Orchard road already full decorated with Christmas decorations, actually i think whole Singapore was already full of christmas decorations not even only Orchard Road!!!The fact i found out after travel around to entertain clients these past few weeks) Fml...Christmas is just around the corner..Hohoho..Jingle Bells..Jingle Bells=))
The only destination of us that nite ---> H & M ...cuz Valerie was decided to bring her elder son to buy some clothes when her son abroad to Australia...caring mother!!
I think i am a bit outdated lol as i not even knew that H & M was existed at Orchard Road since year 2011..lolzzzzz...I only knew that H&M was finally reached Malaysia at Lot 10, KL at last 2 months..Gosh!!!!!!An outdated girl ><
So here i am...inside the H&M with a selfcam photo ><
So here are some my H&M hauls...
Simple but fashionable items, i wish can get some CNY clothes from H&M at coming months but not now i am so poor right now, should have a crazy shopping hours after i got $$..
The most wanted item!!!!Leather Jacket!!!I want!!!!
So except than clothes, H&M sells accessories and shoes also..
I didn't expect we are going to shop after worked so i ended up with bought nothing cuz my purse was not loaded with sufficient $$, but this happy boy got somethings>< LOLZZZZZ.....

So,this is my H&M hauls..what about urs??? stay tuned!!!

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