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Tuesday, 21 February 2012

First Time Hang Out V AUrora's CAR!!

Ha...Ha..ha..Halo~Guys and gals~I am back:)) After 5 weeks school holidays,i am back to my University-University Putra Malaysia to fight for my last semester.
I am quite sad when open my visitor statistic for my blog,my blog visitors are lesses from one day to one day//:((( y will this happen??where u all gone??Plz come back><However,i am fine!!

I am taking kinda a few courses for my laz sem--2 subject oni,so its realli quite bored to my university study life!!
What is the best method to waste my time for waiting the next lesson coming???
Yes!!is camwhoring~
The Claz Look for celebrating my first day sch opening~yahOO@@

Actually i was quite surprising received a call from Aurora that invited me for dinner at outside~
Wonder how? yes~i am wondering how we go out~lolz...di..di..di..her bf help her drive her car from Alor Setar to KL, so she own a car now and this is the first time i sit her car~lolz~i juz guessing how the driving skill of Aurora in the first place~indeed, after experiece it~i have to admit that she is a gud driver!!

 where we chill out in this time////
We are having our first opening sch dinner at Pommers Frites at Sunway Pyramid

Woss~a big big menu served by this shop,kinda creative but is kinda trouble oso (= =)"

According to Aurora and Kenix, the famous of this shop are french fried and spaggetti, so i am really quite carving for~ how their french fried will taste and look like??? alot of favoura listed down in the menu

We all ordered a pot of Jasmine Tea,yoyoyo~ Jasmine tea is gud for a woman beauty mantaining, so it is definitely our first place choice

French Fried!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Does it looks nice

Thx Aurora for fetching us for having dinner, actualli she sick on that day, she looks pale , right??
Take K!!!Frenz!!
Cindra and Kenix looks happy~ OUc~another things, congratz to Kenix that she juz won a samsung camera in a beauty smile contest,wowo, envious~she get the first place!!when is my turn???

How about the smile of me
We have a long chat at Pommers Frites, we all are started planning for our future..what we will work when graduate, work at Singapore?? continue stay at KL? open a kindergarden? lolz~ a lot of thinking in our minds~Yes!! WE are fight for our life, r U??

#We have a little lost when back from Sunway to UPM~
Thx goodness, finally,we reach hostel safely and thx to Aurora for the first sit of her car~haha,enjoy so much

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