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Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Sushi Making in Home

 Halo %$%
I am so hard-working on updating my blog recently juz the reason becuz i am too free..ahaha
So, i try to update something new in my blog as my previous blog's contents always focus on searching around cafe, restaurant and today i am cooperate with my mum to produce TOH's homemade sushi...what so special of Toh's sushi..lolxx, nothing special ,okayyy!!!haha
Different making styles for different people......

This is the styles and making process of  TOH's homemade sushi
And so i think this post is suitable for basic learner who never make sushi before, so guys and gals><
Let us start!!!!!

First step: Prepares all ingredients we need to make sushi, btw, ingredients can be varied according personal's preference and flavour. Basic ingredients are pearl rice, seaweed, vinegar, egg, prawn and so on whatever you like.

Second step: Put the rice equally onto the seaweed and then put the ingredients you like on rice

Third Step: scrolling the seaweed by using scrolling tool(i get it from Giant supermarket, i think it can be found in any supermarket)

WoW~~~~~DONE!!! Mummy u did a good job!!!! well, i just be an advisor and photographer beside my mummy..lalalal~ and later i will become a tester!!

Fourth Step: Cut the done sushi roll into half

TOH"S  Homemade Sushi is officially DONE!!!!!!!!

So, i just arrange these sushi into a tupperware..
well, you can give it to your love one(i think he/she sure will very touching) or share with your friends

What happened to these sushi??
in my stomach now lol@@
Bye Bye...
I will keep updating my blog recently so remember must stay tuned!!

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