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Thursday, 30 August 2012

BFF Chill Time@Jang Won Korea Restaurant

Hi Guys and gals!!!
It been almost 12 days i never update my blog...Well, it's because i busying on hunting my very very first officially job after graduated~in dilemma~
Any good job recommend????==:
Okay...Just kicked these troublesome matter a side a little while...i gonna get some fresh breath before i step into this  "evil"??society not longer in the future~so sad!!!
Craving for a chill time with my BFF- Lynn, Elsa, Catherine, PhikPhik, Valerie, Madelynn, Guan Min & Kaiying
So~ we decided to held a crazy gathering at Jang Won Korea Restaurant( specially suggested by Madelynn)

Location for this Korea Restaurant:
Jang Won Restaurant 
K1-211 2nd Floor, Block C, 

Komplexs Perniagaan Stuland Laut, 
80300 Johor Bahru, Johor
Tel 07-226 6820

This Korea restaurant was opened since few years ago..felt like trying it since quite long time ago coz it damn near my living area~It received damn a lot of praises if u google this shop...There are two part for this shop - outside area and inside area, btw, you can simply choose to sit inside with air-condition or outside where you can smoke whatever you like。We chosen to sit inside wth the air-con:D
There are a few package course you can choose depend on the number of people
We had altogether 6 people (GuanMin joined us after she knocked off from work, Kaiying absent:((), so we just choose B course, as Madelynn who came many times before was strongly recommended us to choose the 3-4 people course as the food portion actually was big enuf to support 6 people~
As long as you are getting the BBQ, you will get all the free small sides~
You are welcome requested for the add on of these small dishes once you finished it.
 Credit to Madelynn, we get the 2 free dishes,Kimbap and fried korea rice
 It was so so so yummy...muackss..xoxo

The staffs in restaurant will cook for you!!
All you need to do is just chatting with frens and waiting to EAT!!! LOL!
I love the most of this dish~Kimchi Jeongol, Mix Kimchi Sausage Hotpot
I think this hotpot is a must to order when you step in this shop.
PhikPhik is a vegetarian, so a special vege noodle make for her
I think nt nice as she cant finished all and leave alot..
Well, i never cut my front fringe for a few weeks,so it is getting longer and longer and shut down my right eye..
Valerie mama is currently a make up artist, i think u gals who interested on finding make-up artist can contact her via +65 8488 1795, her skills is awesome!!!How i say this,=....i almost believed she did the double eyelids surgery when she say so...lolz, it was a lie ,okay!!It all credited to her own makeup skills, she is a lady with single eyelids as me but her double eyelids look so real, wow!!
Other than the delicious food Jang Won has..they have ice cream too!!
Most of the time is vanilla..and if you are lucky, you will get strawberry!!
Well, there were vanilla and strawberry provided on that night but we still choose Vanilla flavour
I heard that they made the ice cream themselves!izi real??
Each person is entitled to one cone..but actually if you take another one, the boss wouldn't really stop you, i think,haha
The boss is a Korean..but he emigrate to Malaysia many years ago and he can speak fluent mandarin(awesome!!)

A bunch of Childish/Adorable Ladies with their Vanilla ice-cream cone
Life is so enjoyable
**Satisfy look====###Teehee
Okay..i think it is a must to end up my post with the BFF photo portrait (i not meet up with some of my BFF like Madelynn and Phik Phik in this pic few years, it is truth!!!)unbelievable right???
Waiting for our next time meeting!!!
Lolz..back to reality~
i have to continue searching job now..God save me!!!

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