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Thursday, 10 May 2012

The Manhattan Fish Market

Juz update becoz i wanna update~ the hottest place i recently went was definitely was Sunway Pyramid, It can't be denied that, there are quite a lot of restaurant and cafe. So today~i went there again:)) We just purposely went there for having a lunch~ Guessing?? what we having today???Haiyo~my title already stated lol...xoxo~

Our destination was "The Manhattan Fish Market". Seriously i never try this shop before as i think their prices was kinda expensive as we often aim on saving money. But, now~The Manhatta Fish Market is having a great promotion for all student. You just need to show your student ID card before you proceed to order. RM9.90 for one set course main dish and a soup of the day, you may enjoy a 50% discount for order any beverages from the menu, its heard like kinda attractive and reasonable right?? So, i suggest to go for a try coz how can we lost this opportunity to try it, it doesn't make sense izi ,urgh~
I went there with my another 2 ex-coursemate(i transfered course after 1st year), AiChinn and Peiying,i think i gonna collect all my U's friend's photo before i graduate so i can do a album for memorable purpose,do u guys think it is a good idea?? But i think it is a bit challenge~
Of course with 62, she alwiz busy on updating her current status in facebook~i wish i have a ipad too and i dreamt i won a ipad in my sweet dream yesterday~wtf///it just a dream~damn, how i hope it was a fact~
Soup of the day was kinda delicious
After tried it, i rate their food 5/10, it can be described as "ma ma dei" only~nothing special about their grilled Dory and Fish n' Chip. I am really was quite disappointed as my friend was quite recommend for this shop. However, i may try this shop again for their others dishes~ 
I was get attracted by this scene in the shop~ 
So, next time, i sure wanna try this!!!!!!!who wanna join me????I love prawn oso so i think may try this dish when i back JB~actually i already craving for try it since long long time ago, but the mission often failed~
That's all for my post today~ anyway, we are currently planning a tour schedule for our 3 days 2 night Langkawi trip in coming June, so do anybody has good recommendation places to introduce or places that "must" visit when go Langkawi Island, you are the most welcome to leave any comment and suggestion in my post :D I am looking forward~

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