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Thursday, 19 July 2012


So 17.07.2012 was my daddy 58th birthday celebration, so we let our daddy to choose the place to celebrate his birthday by his own...well, i think my daddy was shy also to choose it as he just answered " whatever lah..lolxx.." Haha~ so we just decided ourselves, finally we deal to have daddy's birthday dinner at Peking/Beijing Seafood Restaurant.

We been there for dinner before but it was quite long time ago's matter so we felt like wanna taste it again so we choose it...> > (actually i got suggested another seafood restaurant call "New Hong Kong" but no response from others~~~~~:(()
Opps...i jio my mummy to have selfcam photo after i saw my two sisters selfcam themselves in front of me...Just a evil though pop out in my mind====>cannot lost to them also, so mummy, let's have a photo too..muahaha...
I wanna shoot a photo call "很重的大头”,but i think mission failed~ lastly, i change this photo become " 任人宰割的大头 "....or "见牙不见眼“。。。which one is more suitable??
Well...i think you guys should be wondering what we had on that
here comes the best part...FOOD!!
A must ordered for birthday guy today(it is a traditional for chinese) - Birthday MEE/NOODLES(lolxx, i don't know how it call in English,btw, it called as 寿面in chinese:))
This one is Ostrich Meat.......special huh???
my daddy say "yummy..yummy..:D"
 This one is Beijing/Peking Roast Duck 
my brother who tried the original Peking Roast Duck in China say it just so so ...haha
 This one is Pork Package Bun
 I love this so much...Giant LaLa
 My mouth water is drooling now
OMG.......craving it now again...Giant LALA
That's ALL
Are you starving now??? HUH??? HUH??

and lastly a family portrait...... ♥lolxxxxx
My LITTLE BROTHER WAS NOT HERE....:(( so...not PHOTOGRAPH of whole family >< 
Happy Birthday Daddy!!


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