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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

KL美食@Craving Day Part 2♥

Where is my next craving place?

Yes!!Is ZenQ!!Did you know there's a really nice new place to have some desserts in Sunway Pyramid? Opened not too long ago,ZenQ Desserts with dessert styles originating from Taiwan 

ZenQ Desserts
Sunway Pyramid
F1.15 & F1.16c
(Located beside Burger King)

I just found out that ZenQ came from the same mother company of ChaTime. So obviously they are selling taiwan desserts~yummy

ZenQ Signature, with a mixture of various ingredients~Green Tea/Potatoes~Taro ball,Pearl

WOW~looks delicious rite??izi ur saliva is out now???craving for it now la,what r u still waiting for??

I forgot what is this drink called for//soli everyone, but according to 62 boyfren, it is good to drink,even better than chat time!!! I shud try its Taro milk tea next time as i juz noe this product is quite tasting :Dshud try it next time

A free cup of lemon taste water served by shop~fresh after drink it

i noe i looked blur in this photo, but this lemon taste mineral water really is kinda fresh my mind, i am thinking somethings that moement i think^^

one of the mission that i craving today was searching new clothes again~i try a few clothes over this clothes hunting period~haiz~but i din buy these clothes as i think i look ugly for wearing they,am i???These photo proved i am right!!!!!!!!!!!

NOT Nice~ Not Nice~Not Nice

NOT Nice~ Not Nice~Not Nice
my thigh looks so fat!!!:((((

 NOT Nice~ Not Nice~Not Nice
i m too short!!!

WTF!!! all clothes i try today are not suit me as well :D
Well, is ok, is doesn't matter ,k!!
there is going to have a part 3 for this craving day~ Stay tuned ya!!!

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