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Friday, 10 February 2012

I need more VOTE!! 我需要更多票!!

I need u all Vote and Support!!!
Please Vote for me!!!

I ' m so excited!!!

Hello, everyone, i been informed from a call yesterday that i been selected as one of the 10 contestant who will be competing with others 9 contestant to fight for a Toshiba Laptop worth RM2399 and 2 Toshiba Laptop worth RM1850, OMG,i was shocked when i get in this vote website due to the competitor already received over 2000++ votes, and me-->2 votes. So i am here to call for more vote~~~~Could u guys and gals vote for me??

兴奋~昨天下午我接到了Intel公司的员工的电话,说我被选为10个竞争者之一,什么竞争者?当时我是一头雾水,他说什么“Enter aje " 的,我想了又想,di..di~终于让我想起我曾经在我大学的PC fair参加过一个Intel公司举办的比赛。然后我就左找右找,都找不到那个员工说的投票网页,就这样过了一天,然后今天傍晚六点终于被我找到了这投票网页~票~票~票~当我一开起那个投票网站时,我吓了一跳,第一名已经有2000++多票,而我只有两票,呜呜~所以在这边请大家帮我投票啦

How to Vote??????????
The voting process is super easy
2) Once u go inside it, you can see the 10 contestant photo, and you can see my photo is the fourth one A54 - Toh Cai Ling , see it???

3) The last step is simple,just support me by helping  me to click the " vote" below my photo and the voting process was done.
Thank so much!!!I am really appreciate your every vote

2)进到以上网站后,会出现10个竞争者的照片和名字, 我是编号A 54 Toh Cai Ling ,排在第四张照片。

3)最后一个步骤就是 Click " Vote" 啦,然后就完成投票啦

And so on, there are a lot of fun and attractive roadshow & events, contest & activities had been held by Intel, what you need to do is just visit Intel homepage to get more information and you may be the next winner --->, don't hesitate again, Join it now!!!!

Lastly, Good Luck to everyone in this dragon Year and don't forget to vote for me!!!

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      I need you all support♥


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