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Thursday, 5 January 2012

New Sofa REACH

Having my University final exam for semester 7 now~i love to study so i will not say "i hate exam" this kinds of ignorance stuff in my blog~i spent around RM26k to get my degree so i will enjoy/cherish it includes every moment i spent in this University, not every human in this world get the chance to study, but i am one of the lucky human in the world~so how can i complain it???
I forced to say
u guys noe y??
i juz need to take final exam for 3 subjects, but i have to stay in hostel for 2 weeks~:<<<???what the hell??
3 subjects exam time- 3th, 6th, 15th, "6th until 15th"~9 days??wat shud i do???realli frustrated to c this exam timetable that waste my time to shop with my family for the preparation for coming Chinese New Year~


This post is kinda boring as i juz wanna show off my home new sofa set!!!
As Chinese New Year is around the corner, so our home purchased a new sofa to serve our relatives and visitors during this festival,wuahha~u guys are invited to my home "bai nian" and sit on this sofa set~

What the special of this sofa set????

Yes!!!it can lie down until like this@@super comfortable when watching television or juz for having a short nap in living room~^^thx to 2 demostrators to demostrate one of the functions of this sofa set :DD
I noe u guys shud think i am a boring gal right nowxxxxxxxxxx
yes~i am kinda boring~dull life stay in the UPM international hostel room for coming 9 days :(((((
I wan fast fast finish my exam and back home for CNY preparation!!!!!!!!

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