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Monday, 19 December 2011


 Finally can update my blog~when i shoot this photo, we really no idea where we will be headed to, then 62 asked:" Gals!!any idea???where we go??~tat time is almost 5pm, KL road sure jam jam jam.TEribble enuf to decide what place we can have joy. Forgot to tell u guys Outing for today purpose is for Cindra 20+ birthday celebration

Main actress of the day~ CINDRA WONG~HAPPY BIRTHDAY, u r getting older,kaka
A good new to spread at here, she is officially open her personal blog, so anyone interested??about her private??(wuahaha) life, plz visit her site -, support her^^

As mentioned juz now, we no idea where we go so we juz let my lovely fren~62 to make decision based on her GPS~THX GOD, we own GPS...Checking and survey-ing now~
GET IT!!!!! yes~ heading to there now..let's go, guys

Our blast celebration chosen place - Cheras Plaza Neway

Christmas???I love this day so much~

We are having buffet session on that time// a lot of food choices, so crowded until so hard to get our food

Food of the day:
We ate many things but all food photo i shooted that day was super blurred, juz these few items can c, wuwu~i wanna cry but forgive me, i oredi try my best

MY personal show time~ Camwhoring is always my favourite, so juz enjoy my own camwhoring~pixxhap~:D
Pose 1: Cool Face

Pose 2: Sentimental Face

Pose 3: Suckxx Face

Pose 4: :< Face

i looked sad// i looked happy//i looked funny// all because of u~
Singing time is always the best period to frustrate my feelings~R U??

Continue our second station to Mcdonald, i get a angpau from Cindra?? she is getting married? this question u shud ask her , visit her blog lal~

I get to noe a new fren at there~ NIce to meet u@@@@I M SHY~LOLZ//

End my post with this photo~ KISS ♥ nothing special reason , juz because kiss is the best sign to express our love to u~ 
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