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Saturday, 19 November 2011

Join the Dance!

Get ready to bust a move with Enter aje!
Wanna having your very own dance show! You can even have 2 more friends and family members to join in the fun too :)

You can  join in the Dance-Dance aje! fun online! Just click Let's Dance right now!
You can have a same funny,comedy video as me~ ^^

Just keen to show all of u this funny video i took with Cindra when i visited my university's pc fair~

Good News!!!!!
Now everybody get the chance to win a pc worth RM2199 sponsored by acer
HOW??It is easy~
Juz go and fulfill all requirements below, the pc may be on ur bag one day coming~Dun miss this awesome opportunity!!!!

Stand a chance to win a PC worth RM 2,199* and other exciting prizes!
It's so easy to win! Join this contest through these easy steps:
Step 1
In not more than 30 words, tell us why you would want to own a PC. Entries can be submitted either in Bahasa Malaysia or English.
Step 2
Answer a simple questionnaire.
Step 3
Submit your complete entry!
Komputer bernilai RM2,199 mungkin milik anda!

Bad News!!!!!
After a good new for everyone~so sad that i have to announce my own bad new
My handphone was spoilt yesterday noon~ it accompany me these passed 7 years!!SHOCKED rite??7 years!!!!how can i do it, but i really use a phone over 7 years~awesome me
Super down~ one of the reason is i dunno wat shud i do!!
I am now in my university hostel~ where can i get myself a handphone to use~wuwu:((
Luckily my besty~jiajia borrow her phone temporary to me~ i love u,gal!!
So, my mood today~BAD MOOD
So, nothing smile in the photo below as i am down:(((((((

Anyway, although i in bad mood mode now~
but i still wanna wish everyone who taking SPM now(include my little sis) !!!!GAMBATEH
YOU all can do it^+^

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