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Thursday, 4 October 2012

Mall of Medini@Nusajaya, Johor

Today imma introduce about the "Mall of Medini" that grand opening of passing September 2012....So, actually this should be a #####old post as these photos took before 2 or 3 weeks before when i visited this new shopping mall**)) Well, it located again at Nusajaya,Johor...No 4 Lebuh Medini Utara (Medini Iskandar Malaysia), Nusajaya, Johor 79250, Malaysia

Before that@@
Let me announce a news to all my readers, frenz and even blogwalking visitors.. That is====>
My University(UPM) convocation date was confirmed!!!!!!!I am going to be officially graduated and become a new rookie in this society!!!!p/s: It is on the coming next weekend: 14 October 2012, Sunday , afternoon session (2.15pm until 4,5,6pm *nt sure!!)..So, i am very very welcome you guys to my graduation ceremony that held at the Grand Hall in University Putra Malaysia, Serdang. Pleased to visit UPM :<
Okay, back to topic !!!!
Nusajaya, Johor is just a place that is still under developed....picture as a proof to prove my words. Btw, this is the parking place for visitors #free entrance....I predicted Nusajaya will be the next hottest place in Johor Bahru, trust me plzzzzzz~~~~
Gonna stressed at here, actually Mall of Medini is just opposite the Legoland Malaysia(that's why i made the prediction,haha),yup..Legoland Malaysia is the hottest park in Malaysia now, have you guys pay a visit to here already??? If not, do have a review on my Legoland trip post i did before :
After a shop around the Mall of Medini, basically there are damn alot of restaurant and cafe inside it, like Burger King, Authetic Thai Restaurant, KFC, Cool Blog, BlackBall, 市林夜市Shi ling Taiwan, Each a cup, Tuiti Fruiti...and blek..blek --blek..sorry guys..i cant remember, i think my memory is getting!!!!
Due to the reason of that was the grand opening day of this mall, some activities and shows were on the way proceed while we shop around...
You can get a chance to capture a "like" while you click "like" on the Mall of Medini page on the spot via ipad on that day...
There is only 2 floor of this mall, first floor is still under renovation so that only the ground floor is open to visitors....

Dun feel wanna split the continue post to another post so just continue at here....
A dinner at 徐师傅台湾小吃#Taiwan Restaurant

Recently, my mum keep nagging me to cut short my babe nt really wanna to cut down..the long hair is my hardship after almost 2 dilemma due to the weather so so so hot recently,in fact!!!it is kinda suffered with the long hair actually.

A snap shot of the menu of the shop.. lil bro first appear in my blog!!!!
He is currently a housing agent in Johor Bahru, so any house in sale or interest to buy new house, rent shop or house, can kindly contact his number : 016-7202755. Alvin Toh
FOOD of the day...
Not very nice actually for all the food...i nt very recommended this shop....their shop got a lot of choices but the service and food serve duration was so damn poor:((
We waited about 40-50 minutes to get the food serve..omg, i am so hungry that day..that's y a bit frustrated!!!!!!The price is also kinda pricey ><
Somehow i not recommend it but you guys still welcome to have a try >>>>
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