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Monday, 28 May 2012

Miserable Enuf!!

Kinda struggle to blog about this "accident". Every gal' is blog about pretty stuff and wonderful matter happening in their life, should i really gonna show off my "scary, ugly, disgusting, horror..." photo at here?? Seriously, struggling for long time in "should i" this question for whole day...but finally i did, it indeed need a huge courage to do it~so, if u r a guy/gal who cannot accept uncomfortable scene, please leave this post immediately, dun play play okay!!!!!

So, let me start my story now!!
The story was began at 17/5/2012, around 10am, location was at Taman Botani Putrajaya, a huge relax park for everyone to do exercise and also variety of activities (sometimes we even called it as pusat koko). We planned to cycle in this park as it provides rented bicycle for visitors, i miss cycling as there was so many years i didn't cycling, so is time for me to do this activity... 

So~we were on the way to find the actual location for us to rent the bicycle...a giant part i can describe it as we almost use 1 hour to find the rent office,where izi...where izi.......

Finally, we successfully find the ticket counter~

Seriously, i think the rented price for a bicycle was kinda reasonable and can consider as cheap, 1 single bicycle cost for RM2 only, so 3 for RM6.

Not my bicycle actually, the photo i grabbed from somewhere else.Damn, now i having bicycle phobia when just looking at u guys think i have to make appointment with psychologist???haha, i juz kidding ..xoxox..i am not so weak as u guys imagine, i am brave!!!!Wuhaha

So start cycles, within we start our cycle journey for only 10 minutes, the tragedy was lousy driving not a very tilted slope, but i still failed to manage my bicycle. Fall down by "superman" pose, tat's y my face was injured too~Damn shock on that critical moment, because of no mirror, i really scare i will, the first reaction of me was use my phone's front camera to check my face's wound, ho~luckily it juz hurt on my face's surface skin....thx god!!!

My friend was get frightened of my scary look at that time, so the next destination of course was polyclinic

And i ended up like this~ face~the most important part for a gal. Although it look serious but i have to remind everyone, it juz hurt my surface skin. >< But my face was swelling, this is somecall "pig head"!!

Others wound were spread all over my whole body, trouble enuf to bath!!!!

This part is the most serious and causing me cannot sleep well till today

This pix looks severe???this was the pix after fall down 2 or 3 days, i apply chinese medicine recommended by my mum, call as "yun nam yao fen", tat's y my wound seem black~unbelievable i dare to put this photo in my blog~awesome me!!

All my "beloved" medicine accompany throughout these 2 weeks, i hate to eat medicine//

Now, the wound on my face was healed.....yeaah!!!!!but i think my skin was fragile so i need to carefully take k of it~ i love my face.....i will take care of u seriously~ And my skin was pink colour now, so i think it need 1 month more to become the colour as other skin part. >< hope it recover soon..
hoohoo~finally done this post~lastly, shud thx to 62, Mamaboy, Aurora, Cindra, Sister Mamaboy ..and whoever who took care of me during this miserable period in my last semester in University life. So warm..without u all, without me, it not kidding, i sincerely thanks to u all!!!! And lastly, a warm reminder and lesson to all my readers, dun try to challenge somethings that you cannot handle at all in future, you will regret~xoxo~

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