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Friday, 20 July 2012

许留山 ^^

Hi....everybody!!!!I am showing my bun face at here again..lolxx.. Another old post again!!!! Whatever lah, the main purpose i blogged was just wanna introduce this dessert shop " HUI LAU SHAN"
Actually, i don't know what special for this dessert shop in the first place...ic ic...ic..ic
After get some explanation from Wei Wei who went to Hong Kong before, i realised this shop is super duper famous in Hong Kong. Many "Hui Lau Shan" Franchise are just surrounding at the Hong Kong...
Must TRY it!!!!!! 
 This shop primarily focus on various types and kinds of desserts made of mango##
Damn lot of choices listed down inside menu..btw,i not ordered any one of them coz i felt so full just after had my dinner at Sakae Sushi...haha...waiting for my frenz's order and taste a bite after the dessert were served was the plan in my mind...super evil gal am i huh???

Wow...Mango pudding looks attractive....
3 types of different mango made desserts were served together...
Just can be say "yummy..yummy...!!!!":DS
I gonna repeat at here, i damn hate my face's reddish part under my right lazy to ps off....><so i just show off at here^^whateverlah...i know i am ugly plus dirty in this photo..but who care??
Aurora at my back.....taste nice????
I forgot to tell you guys, this shop is located inside The Mines Shopping Mall, ground 2 or 3///
I found that The Mines shopping mall had opened a lot of famous eating shop recently such like THe Garden, Tong Pak Fuk, Bread Talk, Plaza BBQ and so on...Damn NICE!!!So, may pay a visit to this shopping mall next time if you guys visit KL...

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