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Saturday, 25 February 2012

What a boring me♥

I am just a normal student!!!!!!
so the only activity i can do when i free except study is chill out with frens
My Favourite ---eating

This twins cafe is nothing special, i not purposely want to introduce it, as the only special thing i can find from this cafe is it opened by twin sisters..okay..actually i not sure izi they are twins~haha..but the only matter i can confirm is this cafe was opened by lil sis while the dessert shop bside this cafe was opened by the big sis..llz~
As usual..we always using a lot of time to choose our food and beverages, but the set lunch is always my preference!!!

Love Love eyes..#naked+pure face tat day..and oso my bubble eyes was, i looks ugly!!!!

Food of the day:

Dun mix it~this one is Cheese Naan from Steven Corner at OUG,KL as we are waiting another frenz release from work, so having a hi tea session while waiting~

Hehe~we name we as a "apple GRoup"
MacBook, Iphone 4s, Ipad 2 & Iphone 4~Yahoo@@..but still less a Ipod..who own it??plz join us>< can?

Naked Face~looks like #shit, i want double eyelids
Do u guys agree that i go for a double eyelids plastic surgery??
I am super craving this plastic surgery recently, but i scare pain~~~~~wahwahwah
All frenz were back home or play around v their babyboy during weekend~
except me again, lazy sit bus bck home~so stay in hostel

Hey~is dragon year,okie~so i shud do some creative things to cheer up my dragon weekend~

Thinking in front my laptop~
What can i do~what can i do~what can i do~

Suddenly i think on that recently i keep on crazy-ing download many photography apps,but i not try their effect at all, so try it now!!!!
(actually i download over than 20 photography apps but i am too lazy to upload all photo i took as many of them are rubbish(ugly) so only a few i pick out

My mind are full of food when i stay alone in hostel room
i wanna eat all of them♥♥

Sometimes i am complicated mindful oso..think that, think here~
Loli Bom BOm~
which hairstyle suit me the best??
I like the left side first one,sapo look~haha...
I noe i am boring, so BYEBYE!!!
wont disturb u guys lol~

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