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Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Modern Revelation@Taman Molek

Hi readers!!!I am back!!! I love to eat, lolz...i think no people dun like to eat~ So, today i gonna introduce a kinda special Japanese BBQ+Shabu-Shabu/Steamboat+Western food combination's good eating place to you guys. You may just skip out from this post if you are a Johor Bahrurian, cuz this shop opened since 1996 so i think most of the JBrian knew this shop or even taste it since long long time ago. So this shop called "Modern Revelation"~ There are 2 floor, ground floor is for Japanese BBQ while the first floor is for Shabu-shabu and Western food, so do rememvber don't get into wrong floorX X
Address for this restaurant>>
..44 Jalan Molek 2/3  Taman Molek, 81100 Johor Bahru, Johor
Had you all tried Sukiyaki before??
To me, this was my first time tasting Sukiyaki, called as 寿喜烧in chinese....
Well...below is the step to teach newbie in how to eat Sukiyaki....Waiter will help and guide you too if you are the newbie...
Others than Sukiyaki, there were kinda a lot of others choices of soup....
I think i may try the Japanese Kombu Miso next time, sound like not bad right??:DD
So, what are your choice??
After the soup selection, you may proceed to next step - Set selection
One set's portion is suitable for 2 people...we got 3 people....lolz....So, finally, we make a deal to order Pork Belly Set for RM25
There was a table which put on a few of sauces choices located in the middle location in the restaurant.
Self service~~~~you may get watever sauces combination according your preferences...nice??
My bro recommended us to order Sukiyaki, he did tasted before...Well...the best thingy to do when waiting the soup to become boiled was surfing internet via iphone...
The best sauce compatible with Sukiyaki is raw egg sauce...
This was the portion for the Pork Belly Set..Not very big and also not very small, if you are a big eater, i think this portion actually was just enough for one person.
One is Plain Water and another one is Sukiyaki sauce...
You may add on the Sukiyaki sauce inside the pot if you think  the soup is too plain, vise may put on plain water if you think the soup was too salty~~
Another dish we ordered beside Sukiyaki Shabu Shabu-紫香豆腐
Go give it a try if you never try Sukiyaki before^^
That's all for the food post today, i will be updated the Legoland trip asap..i felt i wanna die now as i shooted over 200 pictures that day...edited and choosing photo job is damn tiring to me. I promise i will update it soon ya!!!so do stay tune!!!!!!

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