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Saturday, 13 October 2012

Pre-Graduation Preparation

First time using the "Blogger" app from iphone to write my blog..yes.again...i am so so so lazy to open my laptop to update post,so i wanna try to use this app to update...Oops..very difficult to upload photo~i think it is more better to write post via laptop..more easier!!!!
I been purposely up to KL at 6/10/2012 to collect my graduate is really so damn exhausted to go and back KL in one day..woke up at 5.30am to take the 6.30am morning bus and reach home at almost 12am midnite...Well,here some photo i shooted down and edited via my phone...a bit "自恋".~

My mood was so everytimes i went KL i was forced had to bring laptop down and up and some luggages but this time...hoho..only a handbag..and i am really excited can meet with some of my frens who didnt meet for almost 4 months!!!!!Yeah!!!!

This is the recycle bag provided by UPM for us to keep the graduate coat~yes...this bag cost me RM100 (bus fees go and back,lunch~lolz..) expensive bag but i think it is valuable enuf as degree graduation convocation is only one time happening in my up!!GAL!!!!
 Invitation card for my parent....i pray they wont feel bored when trap inside the hall about 2 to 3 hours....It is actually damn suffered matter for old folk??lolz..not willing to group them inside this category...they still look young and energetic in real.
3 items in the bag.....the hardship finally paid off after 4 years.....
2moro is coming soon!!!!!
My big big face~><
Cant wait to wear the Quartet cap on the convocation day....
I think i look a bit weird and silly with this cap?????I think so!!!!!@@
So, izi anyone will come UPM 2moro>>14/10/2012??
If yes, do give me a "Hi" if you guys coincidence meet me at UPM!!!
That's all for my today update!!!
Gonna wake up at early morning 5.30am again 2moro to do the preparation for my Convocation and head/rush to KL to attend the afternoon session for my convo!!!....... 

BYEBYE!!!!!Wish me the best!!!

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