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Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Port Dickson Trip

Yeah!!yeah!!!!happening the day after i finished my last paper in final exam, what the actual meaning of this sentence? It means my vacation mood is on lolz!!!!!. If not wrong, the date was 24 June 2012. Did i mentioned before i was took Bachelor Science(Human Development and Management) in UPM?? So, a course trip is a must to every graduater. This trip was planned by Aurora and her buddy(good job!!:D), a 2 days 1 night trip to all the course mates, haiz~so sadly to say i just join them for photo shooting from afternoon till evening as i am going to fly to Langkawi Island on the next day, so cant stay overnight with all my dearest coursemates...:((

The venue of this trip was at Residence Desa Lagoon Resort Jalan Pantai  71050 Port Dickson, contact num = 06-6477515. You guys and gals are welcome to book this resort if interested. From my view, due to the reason i not stay overnight at there, so i cant comment about the facilities and service level to this resort,btw...the overall design and structure of the resort is damn attractive and looks nice~hehe, i shooted some of the photo of this resort for you guys to do some references~ hopefully it is useful.

62 says the resort design is British Style, do you guys think so??First scene i saw i say was Malay Style..haha
 A kitchen inside the resort

Sincerely, most of the people will think local University's student are all bookworm's looks~ now, i will prove you guys are totally wrong~ SEE..SEE..SEE....all pretty,fabulous gals are in front of you!!! My cuttie coursemates:D

A party session was ran out immediately....woohoo~party time!!!!!! wow..a lot of beverages and snacks were being served~what should i still waiting for?? eating.....mum mum~

Party session was end because we need to proceed to our crazy+fun seaside activity..hehe..the main purpose we came Port Dickson~

I think we look deform in this picture....Beach and sunshine!!!!we are coming now!!!
Suddenly i wanna sing "Season in the sun"//////
Wooray~all spice gals
Ah zai (one of the coursemates) was brought this frisbee for us to have fun in beach....somemore it  proved we are UPM gang!!!!!!

Hello~get readyy????i throw now lolz~

I should personally thanks to Bohkid as he help me took a lot of photo that day, or else this post wont be done~ 

Model ss session now :DDDD




Suddenly, something was happening><

What happened huh??

Ray was get stabbed by somethings inside the sea pity..he should feel damn pain at that moment:)) A few of our coursemates were express care and a little bit sympathy to him, had to use "a little bit" as i found out that the wound was not so much serious actually><, i think he felt warm, did he??

Proved!!!!He still can smile so means his wound was doesn't matter

As he was nothing to do also as he already hurt, so let's have a photo..say cheese!!!

Sexy GUY versus Sexy GAL
Ray vs Loo

After have fun at seaside, gals and guys were continue their fun in the swimming pool located inside the resort. I wanna join them so much but i can't........:(((((


Time like flies~
As i mentioned before, i not join my coursemates to stay overnight in the resort as i still have to go for another vacation trip in Langkawi on the next day (we already booked the flight and hotel in Langkawi island quite a long time before the Port Dickson trip was on deal)..a kinda pity:(((
A sentence in chinese call as " The sunset is magnificent, it is almost dusk" (夕阳无限好,只是近黄昏).....everythings must have a end no matter how good is it.
So, it reached the time i should apart with all my coursemates.....sad!!!!
I sincerely hope that everyone of us will lead a bright future and meet you guys again in the coming official graduation day :))

I feel so sad now that i have to end this post...
still have to stay tuned on my coming post, i will blog about my Langkawi Island trip asap too:DDD
Bye bye////everyone

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