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Sunday, 20 November 2011

The Scott Garden

Where we heading to today?????????
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YES~! The Scott Garden 
There were many new places in KL that we have yet to explore. One of the malls that we haven’t been was The Scott Garden, which houses a large Tesco, a number of new shops and restaurants.The Scott Garden is conveniently located on Old Klang Road, which was a short drive from  62 place. 

 The Scott Garden's design is quite amazing~Lets look around

Garden Theme

KEHEKE~ went to a pet shop right now


I look so dumb in this photo~ 

This pet shop is just looks like a small zoo~ pet wonderland, can u c a lot of cute rabbit there?
So dissapointed that this shop rule is forbided visitors to take photo for pet,so juz 3 photo i success to capture, waste~ i wanna show u guys those pet in da shop,they r so adorable

YER????what is this?????

♥ Cute pet dog ♥ 

 (photo grab from Cindra)

Actually Nilufar Pet & Aquatic provides day care and boarding services for pet~a sweet service
WOWWOWWOW, five star pet hotel~how i wish i can become a pet too~no lah, i wanna b human~kidding

This photo was took when i felt boring~anyway,the actual meaning of this photo is wanna show off my white leg~ i noe i m boring
Slap me plz

We walked around and decided to dine in Lorong Seratus Tahun since their food are smelling nice.
Restaurant Information
Unit 10, The Scott Garden (Kompleks Rimbun Scott),
289, Jalan Kelang Lama,
58100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-79837757

Three Main Departments in da house


I heard that this shop was famous of this curry mee~ it call as LST Supreme Curry Mee, no wonder its price is supreme too, by the way~ we not ty it since it so supreme

I still have to think what i am going to order~ as it got quite mani food choices~

same as them~ another sweet couple~ Benny and Cindra( the most handsome and the most prettiest couple in the world)

Our food is coming~
So FOOD Mouthwatering Time now

Barley Lemon Ice

Cincau Soya

Carrot Milk

Curry Mee

Asam Laksa

Satey sauce Chicken Chop Rice

Otak-Otak~ nt nice~

Camwhoring~ i always love nightdreaming,emo me

Chatime again, recently i found that i always end my post with chatime
Bobian~ they are chatime lover, but i nt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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