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Thursday, 18 October 2012

CailynEvolution First Phrase END - UPM Convocation Ceremony-36th

Are you my readers since i began blogging??If the answer is yes,i shud really wanna say tq for you guys' support for the past 1 year xoxo~(yup:D!! i been blogged about one year since last year August~time really likes flies==")...Btw,i think i never explain to you guys about what's the meaning of "CailynEvolution"..Why i entitled this name to my blog??Actually "CailynEvolution" means the evolution of my life~the consequences process i studied in University...graduated..working...married??give birth baby(maybe impossible happen)..lolz...die??i hope i am still blogging on that time(possible no:(((  )

So, basically i ever read a blogger's blog before who mentioned that if one people is expected he/she can live till 100 years when a ppl reach 25 years old, he/she is actually reach her/his first phrase in her/his life span....

I not 25 this year..dun misunderstanding..haha~i am guessing you guys are misunderstood me as 25 years old as i wrote "CailynEvolutionFirst Phrase END" as my post title....i dun think i can live until 100 years old and i hope i not also(my look will be very scary tat time and i think 80 is enough for me)..
So, i just concluded the completion of my degree studies as my first phrase completion in CailynEvolution blog..that's all...Understood??
My Convocation ceremony held at 14/10/2012 at UPM Grand is and my family supposed wanna reached UPM at Saturday and then stay one nite at KL for waiting my Convo at Sunday,it is my initial plan...however, due to the reason i still have some matter to settle at Monday,DEAL!!we changed the plan===>Reach Sunday===>Stay one nite===> Monday juz back to JB.
Oh God, woke up at 5.15am morning Sunday to prepare and depart to KL at 7.30am and finally reached KL at still early as the ceremony begin at 2.30pm

My dearest fren,62 had booked a studio for a few of our clazmates to shoot down our memorable graduation "happy blessed" face :D (initially was booked for family potrait)

While waiting to shoot photo...i grabbed my first pix with my cousin,cutie pie~XuanXuan in the photo taking waiting hall.
Yup,surprising my Uncle(Xuanxuan daddy) purposely come out UPM to attend my Convocation..great thx to ur whole family(Aunt,Uncle,XuanXuan & WeiWei)!!!
I sure will try my best to attend there 2 cutie pie's convo in the coming future..i think almost 40 years old that time><
Here are some demo photos~(captured by others when we took actual photo!!)
I grabbed by different frens' facebook ....nice???i am quite craved for the original actual photos..i am juz wondering the effect by professional photographer><
It reached 1.45pm, so i gonna go line up to go in Grand hall for my Convocation Ceremony:D FINALLY!!!!!!!
The two handsome guys in my course...Ah Fatt and Kek..handsome???haha...
So glad to meet v them after 3 months..wish they are doing well now.
HoHo~another surprise given by my junior+exroomate.. Waiyeng
She came to"congratz" me before i go in hall...C~~~what she brought for me??
A Tobrelone chocolate stick with a wishing card^^ThX So much..appreciated it!!!!
Btw..i ate the chocolate stick once i finished the ceremony..haha..paiseh no photo for the chocolate...
So...wanna show you guys about the wishing from my lovely frenz--waiyeng ....hope she will dun mind...
TQTQ~xoxo too~
I felt so touched when seeing this card inside d hall...
Unsure you will visit my blog or not..but still wanna give u a visual hug at here!!!Fight for your final year!!! Gal!!!
So...this is the actual scene in UPM Convocation 36th Ceremony...Graduates were up to the stage one by one to receive their certificate board(actualli it dun have cert inside, we have to go take ourselves only after we return our graduate coat//lolz///)
Okay....the ceremony only can use one word to describe it "BORING"
So what is the best activity to do when we felt bored???The best answer is "SElf-cam" lolll
Halo~keep supporting my blog ya!!!!Aligato!!!Like my facebook personal page..follow my instagram....follow my follower..hehe
It is really damn anxious when took the cert from our University Pro-Canselor,Dato Lim Ah Lek...enjoy that moment so much......10 seconds!!!! We spent 4 years to enjoy that 10 precious!
Can see my name???I highlighted it via the arrow shape already..yuppie....i am one the honour first class student for my course (Human Development and management)...
haha..really proud of myself.... it is the proof of my hardship thorough these 4 years..finally i do it!!
Well, honour first class in Upm means you get the CGPA 3.75-4.00^^
Students can get the exemption for paying back d ptptn as they get first of the reasons i fight for first class..
 So after the 3 hours, the ceremony end...everyone were standing in order to move out from the hall....
As you see...graduates were all busying on calling their parents in order to find tme....includes me!!!!
Where is my parents and family?????Where you guys?????
Get to find them successfully...So..what the must thing to do??of course is to take family photo lolz...
The left hand side one are my Uncle whole family..while my right hand side are my mummy,daddy and big bro... 
Big Bro..Feng
Actually there is nothing to do after the actual convo ceremony..what we can do is juz....catching "" with different people, frenz..coursemates..and relatives...
Super crowded scene....all ppl busying on captured...finding...and smiling!!!
Plz!!!Don't focus on my shoes part!!!!I changed my high-heeled shoes to slipper after the ceremony finished cuz it is really damn suffered with wearing the high heeled shoes to move heels were painful!!!! enjoying my graduation either me or v my frenz,family and relatives...
Cutie around with my hat
The ceremony must proceed after we confirmed graduated - Throw Graduation hat

Gals~Standby plz.....Take 1-preparing to throw....
 Take 2- take your hat up
Take 3-throw your hat up with jump up!!!!
YES!!!!!!WE finally GRADUATED!!!!!!YES YES YES!!!! 
really so thankful to my bro and cousin,XuanXuan that become my personal photographer on that day that help me shoot down all of the pretty photo inside this post....
So damn satisfied with all of the photos...Super like the photo below..thumbs up!!!...Excitement JUMP and perfect V shape hat throw...thumbs up again!!
Actually there were altogether 267 pieces photos captured on that day....btw, i am not going to paste up all photos in my definitely will cause my blog loading speed become duper super slow...i think my readers wont like it~but izi true??haha,izi you guys wanna c others photos that not showing out at here??If yes, do leave me a comment:DD..i may paste out in my next post again...
Bye bye..readers...I have to announce the news at here- CailynEvolution First Phrase is officially end!!! Plz continue support my following second phrase!!!!

So, if you guys like my blog..pls...
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