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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Restoran Maulana

Wat's the meaning of this photo?? HEHEHE~ juz suddenly wanna eat lollipop~then i find back this photo that i took half year a ago at Candylicious Sentosa Singapore:)) Lollipop~i wait u colour my life~my life is super blur plus dull plus boring now~HAIZ>>SIGH~ i try to make my life like wonderland

Since i am long time didnt blog about food~so it means this is the time to blog it, as recently my blog was full of my "SS" photo, i noe i love shoot photo, but do u all love to c also???THis is the question without answer

Having our lunch today at Restoran Maulana, a India mamak shop recommended by Cindra
so i suggested to go and try it as it is quite boring as we  are always went to the same Chinese food shop to eat, i wanna  a change~

As be recommended by Cindra, i wanna try its tomyam~ can u c the photo?? RM6.50 for a big steamboat pot, seems like very reasonable order, i really wanna give a try~
u all guess wat the answer i get it when i placed my order.~~That is " Sorry Miss, we are not preserved this food item in our lunch,Oh My GOODness,wat the fxxk~ then y u not stated it???U noe this answer will disappointed ur guest..i think u no aware about it, plz get improve

 THis mamak shop's interior design was really amazing~Luxury

Izi my two frenz look cute~ i think they will kill me if i not do some photoshop about this photo
so avoided from kill, i try to make them look cute

Our drinks~

Cindra requested me to shoot on this hoclick ice as she say it is nice to drink~

my Mee Goreng Mamak, i was forced to order this item as other food items are not served for lunch menu course~ but anyyway quite a nice taste

What the sign dishes for Mamak Shop, my answer is Maggi goreng mamak..a lot of ppl favourite when go mamak stall or shop.
SO is Maggi Goreng Mamak for the other 2 ladies
They say it juz common, i think so

Done my lunch and heading back to hostel to have a beauty nap, a short nap is super important for an "old" lady as me~ C next post~Stay Tuned

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