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Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Chinese New Year 2013

CailynEvolution wishing everyone Happy Chinese New Year~Gong Xi Fa Cai!!!
Just a short update about my CNY 2013..since i already abandoned my blog over one i awear i muz update today~seriously i got so many matter to blog but since now is the CNY i think i shud start my blog with something related with CNY!!lIn fact, i love the preparation before CNY than actual CNY.

Okay..firstly is about "Toh's reunion dinner" at CNY Eve
We not went out for reunion dinner as last year and just having it at home but we ordered the "Peng Cai" from Peking restaurant as one of the dishes for Toh's reunion dinner~In case, i never tried "Peng Cai" before  .I am really craving for it^^
 The look of the "Peng Cai"..nice????

Then..we purposely went City Square to buy Sakae Sushi "Yusheng" as another dish..According Chinese tradisional, "Lao Sheng"(捞生)is a must during Chinese New Year period in order to pray we all have a prosperity year!!
I am so damn in love with the "Yusheng" from Sakae Sushi because their Sashimi really so fresh and delicious..give it a try next year if you never try it before.
Here is the Completed "Toh's Reunion dinner" version!!...Roasted duck, PengCai, Yusheng, Wuxiang and Duck soup..
 We were having our reunion dinner kinda early that day..around everyone was eating with messy look cuz we all haven bath lol!!!My daddy even just woke up from his afternoon snap~><
 Finally a complete whole family potrait!!!i think family potrait before alwayz without my little brother..As usual..nobody wanna ignored me so i choose to syok myself..pity CNY Eve~=((Haiz..i am always unsatisfied my lip shape*(
That's the end of my CNY Eve...and so on..our whole family went to Singapore Sentosa whole day for the first day of CNY..i not shooted any photos on that day due to the reason i already visited there do many times before, not willing to keep on shooting the same things for my readers..soli!!

Then on the second day of CNY...we decided to have KFC as our dinner and after that went for a CNY movie..Of course "Journey to the west" was our first choice because i am the loyal supporter of Stephen Chou=)) Super recommended it..i think the audience sat behind me in the cinema was non-stop laughing during the whole movie ongoing lol^^

A photo before went in the Cinema..Toh's 4 flowers????Who is the prettiest???i am try acting "emo" actually%))
Lastly~ Huat AR!!!!!!!

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