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Sunday, 15 January 2012

I hit 100 Posts♥

100 POSTS HIT!!!!!!!!!!!

My 100th post~ 
Gals and Guys, Give a clap to me please
Kinda unbelieveable to announce at there~ i hit 100 posts, YES~this is my 100th post
I started blog since last year August, half years passed and today, i finally hit 100 posts
I know u guys should think what the hell, izi this matter need to blog at here???
Being keep updating blog is uneasy and it need a lot of patient, sometimes an awful thought will ever pop out in my minds that i should just give up as none of people read my blog, why i should write and keep updating??
Luckily i am NOT
Blogging cheer up my life, it encourage me to try and explore new things in my life, so i've somethings new to share to my readers everyday:D
Really feels thankful to those who view and support my blog for this half year passed, i tend to know who u r?
If you are my blog readers, i am really hopefully you are willing to leave a comment in this post, show me who u r~plz~~~~~~


To dictate this is a new beginning
I decide to make a change, what is the change about?
A change to my blog cover theme~
My passed blog cover theme was "black and white", oMG~super dull and super unsuited with my blog style
" Check my blog, delighting you and me" how can i put this cover for over few months??
You guys should be energitic and cheerful when check my blog, so my new blog cover is appearing

How you guys think about my new blog cover????


Btw, i hope u all are like my new blog cover
You are invited to leave any comment about this new cover, i am get ready to accept it :)
Bye bye~
Woohoo~ I hit///I hit~
Wondering when is my 1000th post :X

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      I need you all support♥


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