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Friday, 25 May 2012


Horror?? I disappear from my blog from quite a time:((
YES!!!!! Unfortunately, i met a damn "small scary" accident laz week~ not gonna to blog the complete post about the "fall down" story today, becoz my hand was injured too so in the itchy stage(recovery) right now, through a hardship for past week~luckily it finally passed~ Juz a photo to prove i was HURT~xoxo

First hand photo after i went to see doctor, did i look pity and scary?? BTW, i am going to continue complete this post once i have mood to blog (more scary photo is coming soon)~ so stay tuned!!!!

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  1. i heard you case the other day from someone.. all the best and take good care

  2. What happen to you? Dun scare me k? Are you alright ?

  3. Alonso Yoong: From Moses??anyway, i am fine now:D

    willyti0315: Fall down~but okay now:D

  4. OMG!! u r really naughty~~



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