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Monday, 24 September 2012

Why Maybank should give me tickets to Legoland

YEY! Maybank is currently held a Legoland Bloggers Contest that open to all Malaysian residents Bloggers to blog about why they would like Maybank to give them tickets to Legoland and so on bloggers will stand a chance to win tickets to visit Legoland! This is an awesome opportunity for me to get the free tickets, so i decided to blog it!

These are the 3 "WHY" from me, i hope Maybank will satisfy about my sincerely "answer'!!! Haha

3 Reasons :
#1. I am a 100% Lego Fan.

I'm serious,that's like 99% of my reasons why I wanna go Legoland so so so badly. Lego is my all time favourite since i am a little child. I am extremely excited/crazy when i knew Legoland is reach Malaysia. This was really really an amazing news to a 100% Lego Fan like me!!So, please~~let me realize my wish~~TT

*somehow I stopped at reason #1 and went to play my Lego toy..*

#2. Show off 

This is the Bloggers Contest that will be participated by many awesome bloggers in order to win the Legoland tickets.
So you guys know, if i am one of the bloggers who win the contest, it's like telling people i am good in blogging. This is definitely the extra honour to a blogger!!Imagine out of so many bloggers and you're lucky to get free tickets to visit Legoland Malaysia.THE *in your face* FEELING IS SO AWESOME.

#2. Malaysia Boleh!!!!

Legoland Park is the first international theme park in Malaysia and even the first Legoland Park in Asia. So as a patriot, i am strongly believe the impact of Legoland Malaysia will resonate further than just being a leisure destination but it will be an achievement that Malaysians can be proud of!!! 
So, as a 100% Malaysian, i am hoping i can get the chance to witness this "Malaysia Boleh"!!

#xoxo~so proud to be a Malaysian!!!

That's all for my 3 "WHY".
Fingercrossed right now hope I can get tickets! 


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