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Saturday, 17 September 2011

Awesome Mustache Shop

Oh Ya..Found out tat Awesome Mustache Shop on the facebook through a blog. Awesome, super suprising tat there is a shop tat sell a variety of stuff such like ring and clothes which design by mustache, super creative n cute. Have a view to its page >>>

OMG..another awesome NEWS!!!Awesome Mustache Shop is now giving away 5 Awesome Mustache Two Finger Rings!
I wanna get iTTT

Mustache, although i am a gal..

Bcoz i am a gal, so i dun have mustache on my i juz edit, create and design a photo tat i wear mustache

LOLZZZzz♥..i get a shock when i juz wake up and found out my face become like tis,ha@#$% ADORABLE~

SHippTT..dun tell others tat i have mustache on my face, promise ,ok??? Bcoz i wanna mustache on my finger too..: D

BY the way, this is the way of how to get the free mustache ring:

  • Like us on our Facebook page - Awesome Mustache Shop (+2)
  • Be a Public Follower of (+2)
  • Tell us the reason why you love Mustache:
    1. On your Facebook wall by tagging us @Awesome Mustache Shop. *Remember to set your status as Public by clicking the icon beside 'Post'* (+1)
    2. Blog about Awesome Mustache Shop and tell us why you love Mustache. *Blog must be open to public to read* (+1)
    3. Tweet about Awesome Mustache Shop, including our giveaway link and hashtag us at#AwesomeMustacheShop (+1)
    4. Place Awesome Mustache Shop Banner/Giveaway image to your blog sidebar (+1)

    Copy and paste the code below for Awesome Mustache Shop Banner

    Lastly, please remember to register yourself after the following steps are done! Entries will be close on 15 October 2011 and the winners will be announce on 20 October 2011 at our Facebook page & Blog. 

    Do as much steps as you can to increase your chance to win!

    Good Luck! :{D
    Wish me Good Luck too....
                I love Mustache on my face, dunno how it look like on my finger??
    Ohya..almost forgot to tell the reason y i love MUSTACHE, simple reason -->I found it is so CUTE after i viewed the product of Awesome Mustache Shop..
    Go for a view, i think tis shop will change ur mind toward MUSTACHE ....

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