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Friday, 16 September 2011

Juz wanna BLOG

Yesterday nite,a FB new fren ask me y u wanna blog, he asked me izi becoz of ur university life is too boring???I answer him "NOT". The reason is tat i shoot mani photo as well as, but i tin it is quite meaningless tat i juz upload on FB without telling u guy the story. A photo get it life and value as it is telling a story, do u agree??So, i decide to write blog, it show my evolution, be my online photo album. Be my follower o Continue check my blog, if u think my blog is interesting.

Can u get it wat msg i wanna deliver to u guys tru below tis photo??

I rearrage my photo in my pictures folder, juz found out some photo tat i capture but still haven share out, so i juz random share at here ^^

my Profesional camera gal on the day we went to SINGAPORE have fun, she is shooting at VIVO city, helped a pair of couple.

OHno, is my turn@#$%..super small me in d photo, i smile until cant u all c my eyes, y i so happy??

YOyoYO..we went to BIKINI bar, realli a lot of bikini gal at there, but we dun dare to shoot. so has to disappoint all of u :(

You can found out my camera gal is more professional on shoot d landscape image compared v people..HEY Guy, check my blog always : )

Yeah~FINALLI done to clear up my photo..put a ribbon on my mouth, as i found out mani korea freak like to do like tat.


  1. hehe....ur frist name same wif me....
    u r miss卓???…………

  2. ha..really,u call cailyn too??nice to meet U, but i m miss TOH.

  3. tat first name very seldom...
    ha ha ....
    maybe you r special one in ur fren....

  4. hehe..everyone is special,thx for viewing!

  5. 有小时侯的照片吗?post上来。。。哈哈。。。

  6. 小时候的照片在家里很多哦,需要回家扫描进电脑才行,留意我的blog吧,有时间会贴上我小时候的照片。

  7. 谢谢,请继续留意我的部落格吧︿︿



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