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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Magic Girl Series Iphone Casing

What is the fun for buying a Iphone??Yay..of course is changing the clothes for her(set my iphone sex as female) Clothes here refer to casing lolz...never tot it was so damn fun to choose the casing for phone cuz nowadays there are over million types of casing in the world..crazy right??

I think the hottest place to buy casing in JB is holiday plaza...there got selling a lot of different brands smart phone's casing...yay.. a lot of cheap, nice and cute casing are over in case to buy a casing, i went there~
Lastly, i got myself the magic girl series casing in one of the shop in holiday plaza.... a bit childish casing but i like it is so cheap...omg...

So, this is my current iphone casing that i got it from Holiday Plaza

Back View
Front View 
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