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Tuesday, 6 November 2012

CailynEvolution 2nd Phrase

Sorry for abandoned my blog for almost 3 weeks. I'm back!!! My CailynEvolution First Phrase journey was end along my graduation ceremony was end too. So, is the time to start my Cailyn Evolution 2nd Phrase- Working!!! (If you guys not understand what is Cailyn =Evolution means for,plz proceed to   Tried my new partime working experience to be a make-up assistant for my fren- Valerie, well, an awesome make up artist.

A personal advertisment time for her
She is a freelance makeup artist based in Singapore, she specialised in bridal, photographic, stage & drama, special occasion makeup, and creative hairstyling services.So,anyone interested in looking for makeup artist, please visit her official website to make the appointment. >>>>>
(The website consists clear information about Valerie)

So pity i did not managed to shoot down my working actual scene to my readers=(( 
Yuppie..i scared those customers will feel uncomfortable and they will get angry due to my shooting so i dun dare lol..haiz..T.T will be another chance next time..that's all for my today update!!I will continue my CailynEvolution 2nd phrase, do stay tuned!!

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